Reincarnation Ember – Torchlight Infinite

Reincarnation Ember: All affixes that can be re-randomized. Here is the list of Torchlight Infinite Currency.

How to get Reincarnation Ember?

  • Drops everywhere in Netherrealm
  • 异界掉落词缀 - 轮回灰烬

Fate Cards

Name Description Rewards
Miner’s Surprise Collect 5 to exchange for random Ember x3 from the Spacetime Wanderer
  • Vigor Ember
  • Rivalry Ember
  • Essence Ember
  • Amplified Ember
  • Tenacity Ember
  • Cultivation Ember
  • Soulburst Ember
  • Mystery Ember
  • Reincarnation Ember
  • Ruling Ember
  • Technique Ember
  • Ominous Ember
  • Restless Ember
  • Truth Ember

Special Ember

Icon Name Description
Reincarnation Ember All affixes that can be re-randomized
Truth Ember Can re-equip all affix values randomly

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