Proof of the Brave – Torchlight Infinite

The Path of the Brave in Torchlight Infinite is a challenging and rewarding endgame mode for seasoned players. Here's a breakdown of its key features:


  • Endless arena-style combat: You ascend through 45 increasingly difficult levels, facing waves of enemies and powerful bosses. Each level unlocks new gear and increases the overall challenge.
  • Test of your build: Path of the Brave demands a well-optimized character with strong gear and effective skills. It's not for the faint of heart!
  • High-tier rewards: Completing levels earns Proof of the Brave tokens, used to access the Netherrealm and purchase valuable items. Completing higher levels unlocks unique cosmetic rewards.

Key Characteristics:

  • Entrance: Accessible after defeating the Traveler at Timemark 7 in the main story. You talk to Zenoth the Lightless in Ember's Rest to enter.
  • Difficulty: Levels progressively ramp up in difficulty, with the later stages requiring optimized builds and high damage output.
  • Enemy Variety: Encounter various enemy types and combinations, including regular mobs, unique elites, and challenging bosses.
  • Blessings and Buffs: Each level offers a random Blessing, providing temporary buffs. You can also choose from three additional Blessings before starting each run.
  • Resource Management: Careful use of potions, consumables, and skills is crucial for success.

Tips for Success:

  • Optimize your build: Ensure your character has strong damage output, survivability, and crowd control capabilities. Research builds and gear that excel in Path of the Brave.
  • Upgrade your gear: Equip the best gear available, focusing on stats and affixes that synergize with your build. Upgrade them to their maximum potential.
  • Utilize Blessings and Buffs: Choose Blessings that complement your strengths and address any weaknesses in your build. Use potions and consumables strategically to stay alive and maximize your damage.
  • Practice and adapt: Learn enemy patterns, experiment with different strategies, and don't be afraid to adjust your build and approach based on the challenges you face.

Path of the Brave is a fantastic endgame challenge for skilled Torchlight Infinite players. It offers a test of your character's limits, rewards your dedication with valuable loot, and provides a thrilling arena to hone your skills. If you're looking for the ultimate test and rewarding endgame experience, Path of the Brave awaits!

Proof of the Brave I: Proof of Reaching Level 1 of High Tower. Here is the list of Torchlight Infinite Currency.

When people hold this seal in their hands, the light on them will be extinguished, and the door to the Infinity Tower will open… Only the brave who are ready to dive into the darkness will choose this path.

How to get Proof of the Brave I?

  • Global Drops Lv76
  • 勇者之证I

Proof of the Brave

Icon Name Description
Proof of the Brave I Proof of Reaching Level 1 of High Tower
Proof of the Brave II Proof of Reaching Level 11 of High Tower
Proof of the Brave III Proof of Reaching Level 21 of High Tower
Proof of the Brave IV Proof of Reaching Level 31 of High Tower
Proof of the Brave V Proof of Reaching Level 41 of High Tower

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