Torchlight Infinite Underlying Combat Changes

Underlying Combat Adjustments Season 2

  • Increased the base absorption amount of Barriers from 15% to 20% of Max Life and Max Energy Shield.
  • Adjusted the additional damage granted by the Dual Wielding buff from 20% to 10%.
  • Attack Mobility Skills now factor in Attack Speed. When the Attack Speed is high, the marginal diminishing effect will be enhanced, and the damage multiplier will be increased accordingly to compensate for it.
  • Reduced the base tracking distance of the Shadows created by Shadow Strike from 10m to 8m.
  • Added an upper limit to affixes that provide “additional damage reduction” so that the Damage Mitigation received from a single affix will not exceed 90%.
  • Reduced the playback frequency of various prompt voice messages of heroes.
  • Changed the calculation of most DoT Damage dealt by heroes so that the damage is calculated once every frame instead of every 0.3s.
  • The upper limit of the Frostbite Rating no longer affects the amount of time enemies are frozen.
  • The upper limit of the Frostbite Rating only takes effect when enemies can’t be Frozen or you can’t Freeze enemies.
  • It is no longer possible to equip the same skill twice and use them in alternation to cancel the post-cast stun.

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