Torchlight Infinite Thrill Mark

Thrill Mark

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Name: Thrill Mark
Level Requirement: 17
Category: STR Gloves
Base Stats
  • 10.00 Armor
  • +10% attack speed
  • +(30-40) maximum life
  • Gain Fervor on a Critical Strike
  • Attack Skills will not consume Mana when Fervor is owned
  • +(48-50)% Fervor Effect
Flavour Text: Let me open your eyes!

Season 2 Changes

Adjusted “+(20-20)% Fervor Effect” to “+(48-50)% Fervor Effect”


Accumulates Fervor when you defeat enemies or hit Elite enemies while having Fervor Rating. +2% Attack and Spell Critical Strike Rating per point of Fervor Rating. The maximum Fervor Rating is 100.

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