Torchlight Infinite Hardcore Mode

Torchlight Infinite Hardcore

When a character is created in Hardcore mode, they will become unavailable in the current season after death. Only after the season ends, the character will be merged into the Permanent Server and become a Standard Mode character.

Ah, Hardcore mode! This is a game mode for players who truly crave a high-stakes, adrenaline-pumping experience in Torchlight Infinite. Let's delve into the specifics of Hardcore mode for Hunters:

Permadeath: The defining feature of Hardcore mode is permadeath. If your character dies, they are permanently deleted from the current season. There are no second chances, no revivals, no do-overs. This makes every decision and encounter feel incredibly weighty, raising the stakes of every action you take.


  • Increased Difficulty: Enemies in Hardcore mode often deal more damage and have higher health pools compared to Regular mode. This requires careful planning, strategic combat, and optimized builds to succeed.
  • Pressure and Focus: The fear of permadeath can be nerve-wracking, but it also forces you to focus intently on the game, hone your skills, and learn from your mistakes.
  • Limited Error Margin: With just one life, every encounter becomes a potential life-or-death struggle. You'll need to be wary of taking unnecessary risks, carefully manage your resources, and constantly be aware of your surroundings.


  • Ultimate Thrill: Conquering challenges and progressing in Hardcore mode offers an unparalleled sense of thrill and accomplishment. Every victory feels hard-earned, and surviving becomes a badge of honor.
  • Intense Focus and Skill: You'll develop advanced game knowledge, mastery of your Hunter's abilities, and an almost zen-like focus when playing in Hardcore.
  • Community Recognition: Hardcore players often form a tight-knit community, with mutual respect and admiration for each other's achievements.

Tips for Hunters in Hardcore Mode:

  • Plan and Prepare: Carefully research builds, skills, and equipment that prioritize survivability and defense. Consider investing in skills with crowd control, self-healing, and defensive buffs.
  • Take it Slow and Steady: Avoid rushing headlong into danger. Scout ahead, assess threats, and plan your approach methodically. Remember, every encounter matters.
  • Utilize Defensive Consumables: Don't be stingy with potions, scrolls, and bombs. These can give you the edge you need in critical moments.
  • Join a Hardcore Guild: Find a supportive community of other Hardcore players to share tips, strategies, and encouragement. Having others to journey with can make the experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Playing Hardcore mode is not for everyone. It requires patience, skill, and a strong tolerance for risk. However, if you're looking for the ultimate test of your Torchlight Infinite abilities and a truly unforgettable experience, give Hardcore mode a try. Remember, the thrill of victory in the face of permadeath is like no other!

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Q:  When hardcore mode is coming to Torchlight?  What changes to the game's system are needed for that?

A:The hardcore mode won't be in the game for a while, but we'll continue to develop new contents and gameplays to the players.

Torchlight Infinite SSFHC Event

Hello and welcome to the self solo found hardcore event for Torchlight: Infinite.
Please Join our discord to get event news at the first moment:

Below you’ll find all the major details that you need and an F.A.Q. will be coming out before the event as well so get crackin’ on those questions

There is also one major thing that need to be decided by YOU, the community. Due to technical limitations you must vote with your emoji on our discord and choose one of the options for the event. Voting will close on Friday DEC 9th

Event time:
GMT 0:00 dec 19th – GMT 11:59 DEC 24th

You Must:
Create a new Character or account. Vote now
Gather as many points as possible with each Milestone below
Points count for each Milestone one time only

1 Point Milestones:
Reach Level 50 – Level 60 – Level 70 – Level 80 – Level 90
Clear Path of the Brave – Level 1 – Level 2 – Level 3
Defeat – T7 Traveler – T8 Ice Watcher – T8 Fire Watcher T8 Steel Watcher – T8 Thunder Watcher – T8 Void Watcher

2 Point Milestones:
Reach Level 95 – Level 98
Clear Path of the brave – Level 4
Defeat – 3 edict Keegan

3 point Milestones:
Reach Level 100
Clear Path of the Brave – Level 5

DIE… If you do you must start a new character
Use the stash or trade house at all
Equip any Pactspirit. (The default nodes are fine to use)

Prizes will be based on the total number of milestone points achieved
Points are calculated automatically.
You must submit only ONE character per account to the google form before contest end
Ties will be broken by fastest time to achieve the same point total

Grand Prize – 5000 Primocrysts + Monthly Pass + Legend Role (With unique color and listed in members)
2nd-4th – 2000 Primocrysts + Monthly Pass + Legend Role
Top Spot for EACH hero trait – 1000 Primocrysts + Monthly Pass + Legend Role
5th-10th – 1000 Primocrysts + SSFHC Challenger Role With unique color
11th-20th – 500 Primocrysts + SSFHC Challenger Role With unique color
1 Point or more – SSFHC Challenger Role With unique color
The roles will allow you to build up a legacy “trophy case” of discord “tags” in events which no one else will EVER be able to get again

Q:I hope there will be more events to specify the Pact Spirits to draw.

A:In the next season, we will add some specified drawing pools for new Pact Spirits.

Q:Can we have more Jona Tax Vouchers? Like having more related events during the mid to late season?

A:Currently, Jona Tax Vouchers can be obtained through free battle pass and events. In the future, we plan to provide more vouchers to active players.

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