Torchlight Infinite Raging Phantom

Raging Phantom

Rehan will also have a new Hero Trait in the season 2: Raging Phantom.

It gives him the power to become the one with the Ancestor Spirit. The Ancestor Spirit stays behind Rehan and automatically attacks enemies with Rehan’s main skills. Sounds like double security right?

Torchlight Infinite Raging Phantom

Rehan's new Hero Trait: Raging Phantom will be released in the new season and can be purchased for 980 Primocryst in the Hero Shop.

The hero trait will be permanently unlocked after being purchased, and it can be selected when creating characters in future seasons.

Raging Phantom can be exchanged with Hero Emblems in the next season.

Keywords: Counter, Rage, Seething Spirit

Rehan chose to offer his body to the Ancestor Spirit who appeared before him for the incredible power to become one with him. To keep fighting endlessly, he will not hesitate to offer more Rage to the Ancestor Spirit, even if it would eventually lead to his own destruction one day.

After selecting Raging Phantom, Rehan can consume Rage to make the Seething Spirit cast skills.

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