Torchlight Infinite Night Hunt

Torchlight Infinite Night Hunt

Event Time: January 17, 00:00 – February 13, 23:59 (UTC+8)

Torchlight Infinite Night Hunt

Event Content: During the Night Hunt Boon event, 1 of the following Appearances is guaranteed within 10 Boons. You will not obtain the same item twice.

• Carino’s Premium Outfit: Voidflame Dragonstalker

• Weapon Skin: Crossbow – Watcher’s Contempt

• Skill Effect: Thunderbolt Overload – Prisoner’s Brand

• Body Effect: Diamond Waltz

• Footprint Effect: Track of Destiny

Detailed Boon event rules can also be viewed in the game.

Buy Torchlight Infinite Currency


Divineshot’s Legendary Apparel: Voidflame Dragonstalker is available for a limited time
You are guaranteed to obtain one of the Appearances below every 10 Boons.
You will not obtain Appearances that you already have.
Fantasy Crystal x1

Normally, the base rate is applied to all items. Other circumstances like Rate Up and Minimum Guarantee are subject to their actual rules.

[Boon Rules]
At least 1 Appearance, up to 5, is guaranteed every 10 Boons.
Divineshot’s Legendary Apparel [Voidflame Dragonstalker] is guaranteed within the first 50 Boons.
You won’t get Appearances that you already own. This Boon will automatically close once 5 Appearances have been obtained.

name weight
Voidflame Dragonstalker 0.1% x 2%
Watcher’s Contempt 0.1% x 10%
Prisoner’s Brand 0.1% x 10%
Diamond Waltz 0.1% x 33%
Track of Destiny 0.1% x 45%
Insight Crystal x1 4.2% x 50%
Fantasy Crystal x1 4.2% x 50%
Revival Token x1 95.7% x 35%
Revival Token x3 95.7% x 12%
Revival Token x10 95.7% x 3%
Oblivion Point x1 95.7% x 35%
Oblivion Point x3 95.7% x 12%
Oblivion Point x10 95.7% x 3%

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