Torchlight Infinite Moto New Hero Trait

Moto New Hero Trait: Charge Calling Now Available

Moto’s new Hero Trait: Charge Calling will be released in the new season and can be purchased for 980 Primocryst in the Hero Shop.

The hero trait will be permanently unlocked after being purchased, and it can be selected when creating characters in future seasons.

Charge Calling can be exchanged with Hero Emblems in the next season.

Keywords: Minion, Overload, Self-Destruct, Mechanical Part

Moto became cruel and prejudiced to achieve the peace he longed for. The Synthetic Troops he once considered his treasures now charge at the enemy with a self-destructing program. War does not need to be pretty or noble… It just needs to end.

After selecting Charge Calling, Moto can deal damage by making Minions explode.

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