Torchlight Infinite Moon Strike

A Slash-Strike skill that deals additional Physical Damage by adding Mana Cost. After several sweep slashes, the character will be able to wield two weapons simultaneously to give enemies the explosive steep strike.

Moon Strike

Tag: Attack, Area, Persistent, Physical, Melee, Slash-Strike.
Mana Cost: 1%. Effectiveness of added damage: 61%.

Attack enemies in front in Slash Strike form. Max Mana will grant additional buffs for the attack.

Limited to Dual Wielding One-Handed Swords, One-Handed Axes, Daggers, and Wands

  • Deals 61.0% weapon Attack Damage
  • Deals 122.0% weapon Attack Damage
  • Max Base Steep Strike attempts is 1
  • Enters a special state for 2 s every 6 times the skill's Sweep Slash hits the enemy. The effect will last for 5s at most
  • Spell Damage bonus and additional bonus also apply to the skill's Attack Damage
  • Adds 100% of Skill Mana Cost as Physical Damage to this skill
  • +20% additional Attack Speed for this skill's Steep Strike form
  • +10% additional Mana Cost for the skill's Steep Strike form (Lv1:10) (Lv21:30) (Lv41:50)
  • This skill is guaranteed to perform Steep Strike under the state
  • While under this status, the status Duration is extended by 50 s for every % of Max Mana consumed
  • This skill has a 30% Steep Strike Chance, and the number of hits required -1.
  • When performing a Steep Strike, the average of the sum of the damage of both the Main-Hand and Off-Hand weapons is taken as the actual weapon damage
  • The Mana Cost of this skill is 1% of Max Mana

Torchlight Infinite Moon Strike

Attack enemies in front in Slash Strike form. Max Mana will grant additional buffs for the attack.

Buy Torchlight Infinite Currency

Moon Strike is also a Slash Strike skill that offers two attack forms: Sweep Slash and Steep Strike. The skill enters a special buff state after 6 Sweep Slashes. You can make continuous Steep Strikes while the state lasts. Duration of the buff state can be extended by consuming a certain percentage of the Max Mana, and the Mana Cost of this skill is calculated in the percentage of the Max Mana.

This is what sets the Moon Strike apart from other Slash Strike skills. Just like the werewolf will burst with infinite power during a full moon, we hope that Hunters can also find pleasure from the explosive power of Moon Strike.

Therefore, the development of the skill basically revolves around this special state. So try to make the state last longer and ensure the supply of Mana to maintain the explosive Steep Strikes.

In addition, the skill has two special rules: it adds additional Physical Damage by 100% of the skill Mana Cost, and the Spell Damage bonus and additional bonus also affect the Attack Damage of this skill. It’ll be up to the Hunters to experiment on how to develop these two rules.

Torchlight Infinite Moon Strike

Skill Shop

Rehan: 32     Carino: 55     Erika: 32     Gemma: 7     Thea: 55     Thea: 32     Youga: 55     Moto: 55    

Level Effect

level +10% additional Mana Cost for the skill's Steep Strike form Effectiveness of added damage damage Effectiveness of added damage damage
11061%Deals 61.0% weapon Attack Damage122%Deals 122.0% weapon Attack Damage
21164%Deals 64.0% weapon Attack Damage126%Deals 126.0% weapon Attack Damage
31266%Deals 66.0% weapon Attack Damage131%Deals 131.0% weapon Attack Damage
41368%Deals 68.0% weapon Attack Damage135%Deals 135.0% weapon Attack Damage
51470%Deals 70.0% weapon Attack Damage139%Deals 139.0% weapon Attack Damage
61572%Deals 72.0% weapon Attack Damage144%Deals 144.0% weapon Attack Damage
71675%Deals 75.0% weapon Attack Damage149%Deals 149.0% weapon Attack Damage
81777%Deals 77.0% weapon Attack Damage153%Deals 153.0% weapon Attack Damage
91879%Deals 79.0% weapon Attack Damage158%Deals 158.0% weapon Attack Damage
101982%Deals 82.0% weapon Attack Damage163%Deals 163.0% weapon Attack Damage
112084%Deals 84.0% weapon Attack Damage168%Deals 168.0% weapon Attack Damage
122187%Deals 87.0% weapon Attack Damage172%Deals 172.0% weapon Attack Damage
132289%Deals 89.0% weapon Attack Damage177%Deals 177.0% weapon Attack Damage
142392%Deals 92.0% weapon Attack Damage183%Deals 183.0% weapon Attack Damage
152494%Deals 94.0% weapon Attack Damage188%Deals 188.0% weapon Attack Damage
162597%Deals 97.0% weapon Attack Damage193%Deals 193.0% weapon Attack Damage
1726100%Deals 100.0% weapon Attack Damage198%Deals 198.0% weapon Attack Damage
1827102%Deals 102.0% weapon Attack Damage203%Deals 203.0% weapon Attack Damage
1928105%Deals 105.0% weapon Attack Damage209%Deals 209.0% weapon Attack Damage
2029108%Deals 108.0% weapon Attack Damage214%Deals 214.0% weapon Attack Damage
2130116%Deals 116.0% weapon Attack Damage232%Deals 232.0% weapon Attack Damage
2231126%Deals 126.0% weapon Attack Damage250%Deals 250.0% weapon Attack Damage
2332136%Deals 136.0% weapon Attack Damage270%Deals 270.0% weapon Attack Damage
2433147%Deals 147.0% weapon Attack Damage292%Deals 292.0% weapon Attack Damage
2534158%Deals 158.0% weapon Attack Damage315%Deals 315.0% weapon Attack Damage
2635171%Deals 171.0% weapon Attack Damage340%Deals 340.0% weapon Attack Damage
2736185%Deals 185.0% weapon Attack Damage367%Deals 367.0% weapon Attack Damage
2837200%Deals 200.0% weapon Attack Damage397%Deals 397.0% weapon Attack Damage
2938215%Deals 215.0% weapon Attack Damage429%Deals 429.0% weapon Attack Damage
3039233%Deals 233.0% weapon Attack Damage463%Deals 463.0% weapon Attack Damage
3140234%Deals 234.0% weapon Attack Damage466%Deals 466.0% weapon Attack Damage
3241236%Deals 236.0% weapon Attack Damage469%Deals 469.0% weapon Attack Damage
3342237%Deals 237.0% weapon Attack Damage472%Deals 472.0% weapon Attack Damage
3443239%Deals 239.0% weapon Attack Damage475%Deals 475.0% weapon Attack Damage
3544240%Deals 240.0% weapon Attack Damage478%Deals 478.0% weapon Attack Damage
3645242%Deals 242.0% weapon Attack Damage480%Deals 480.0% weapon Attack Damage
3746243%Deals 243.0% weapon Attack Damage483%Deals 483.0% weapon Attack Damage
3847244%Deals 244.0% weapon Attack Damage486%Deals 486.0% weapon Attack Damage
3948246%Deals 246.0% weapon Attack Damage489%Deals 489.0% weapon Attack Damage
4049247%Deals 247.0% weapon Attack Damage492%Deals 492.0% weapon Attack Damage

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