Torchlight Infinite How To Unlock Carino get Divineshot

How To Unlock Carino

Icon Hero Traits
Divineshot Carino|Ranger of Glory

Projectile Skills consume ammo.
Support your Projectile Skills with different Special Ammo combos.

Divineshot Carino|Lethal Flash
Hero Emblem x 100 / Primocryst x 980

Projectile Skills consume ammo.
Projectile Skills have Shotgun Effect. Move swiftly to reload ammo effectively and deal damage.

You can get the new Heroes and Hero Traits the same way as the first season.

  • You can purchase this new hero directly using the Primocryst.
  • In the next season, you can redeem this new hero using Hero Emblem which can be acquired freely through in-game activities.

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