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Spacetime Elapse – Youga
Creates a Twisted Spacetime using the power of spacetime.
Adjusts the time within the Twisted Timespace. Deals massive additional DoT Damage to enemies by casting Twisted Timespace on enemies and constantly moving the Twisted Timespace.
Hero Emblem x100
Limited 1
Lethal Flash – Carino
Reloading while moving grants Projectiles a shotgun effect.
After Arminius usurped the throne, Carino committed countless slaughters and sacrificed everything just to become the best assassin and end the life of his sworn enemy, Arminius. Kill the most enemies with the least bullets. Lethal Flash has joined the hunting.
Hero Emblem x100
Limited 1
Frostbitten Heart – Gemma
No longer gain Fire Energy, Cold Skills are greatly enhanced.
After exhausting all the Fire energy within her, Gemma finally realized Zoya’s last wish. Zoya gave up her own life and merged all her frost power into Gemma’s soul, just to save the latter. The Frostbitten Heart grants power and also liberation.
Hero Emblem x100
Limited 1

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