Torchlight Infinite Abnormal Experience Gain

Abnormal Experience Gain

Dear Torchlight Hunters:

We fixed an issue that “using revival tokens under certain circumstances would cause XP to be calculated incorrectly”.

Through data tracing, a total of 546 players triggered the bug, of which 66 players triggered the bug multiple times (3 players gain 3 levels, 2 players gained 4 levels).

We will temporarily ban these players for data restoration. (the list of banned players is shown at the end of the announcement)

Regarding issues that affect the fairness of the game, the official team will fix them as soon as possible and conduct data rollbacks for accounts that were affected. Illegal profits made by exploiting game bugs will also be punished with account suspension. We apologize again to all players affected by this issue.

We will continue to maintain a fair game environment and ensure the best gaming experience for all hunters.

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