PoE Veiled Scarab: reveals a random Scarab

Veiled Scarab

  • Added a new currency item, Veiled Scarab, which reveals a random Scarab when clicked.

Existing Awakened Sextants, Elevated Sextants, Charged Compasses, and all Scarabs will be converted to Veiled Scarabs upon logging in after the launch of 3.24.0.

Existing Forbidden Sanctums that award Awakened Sextants will award Veiled Scarabs on completion.

List of All PoE Scarabs

NameIcon Description Limit Flavour Text
Reliquary Scarab 100% increased Unique Items found in Area Limit: 2Build for yourself a hoard a Dragon would envy. If they were real.
Reliquary Scarab of Overlords Unique Monsters in Area drop an additional Unique Item Limit: 1Pry it from their cold dead hands.
Reliquary Scarab of Vision Area contains The Nameless Seer Limit: 1He foresees great wealth in your future.
Sulphite Scarab Area contains Niko Limit: 1Delve into darkness in search of the truth...
Sulphite Scarab of Greed Map owner gains 150% more Sulphite Limit: 1There is no such thing as 'enough'.
Sulphite Scarab of Fumes Sulphite found in Map Area releases Enraging Fumes
Monsters affected by Enraging Fumes have 500% increased Item Quantity
Sulphite in your maps is guarded by Monsters from the Azurite Mine
Limit: 1When the land itself is sick, even the very ground rots and spills forth.
Divination Scarab 150% increased Divination Cards found in Area Limit: 2Fate can be... encouraged.
Divination Scarab of Curation 10% more Divination Cards found in Area per different Favoured Map
Divination card drops in Area are replaced by those of your Favoured Maps
Limit: 1Discernment is the key to attaining true control.
Divination Scarab of Completion Divination cards which drop in Area have a 20% chance to drop as a full stack instead Limit: 1Pursue thy fate with grit, for it may arrive sooner than you think.
Torment Scarab Area is haunted by 5 additional Tormented Spirits Limit: 4Their crimes in life haunt you in death.
Torment Scarab of Peculiarity Tormented Spirits in Area are replaced with unusual variants Limit: 1Now there's a blood-curdling wail I haven't heard before!
Torment Scarab of Release Tormented Spirits in Area have a 25% chance to
be set free when Possessed Monsters are slain
Limit: 1If it could end, it wouldn't really be damnation.
Anarchy Scarab Area contains 4 additional Rogue Exiles Limit: 4On Wraeclast, it's kill or be killed.
Anarchy Scarab of Gigantification Rogue Exiles in Area have a 30% chance to be replaced with a Rogue Giant Limit: 2The consumption of sulphite can cause strange growth.
Anarchy Scarab of Partnership Rogue Exiles in Area have a 50% chance to appear in pairs Limit: 1Among exiles, alliances shift and change constantly.
Ritual Scarab of Selectiveness Rerolling Favours at Ritual Altars in Area has no cost the first 2 times
Ritual Altars in Area allow rerolling Favours 1 additional time
Limit: 2Pick and choose which sacred tenets you prefer...
Ritual Scarab of Recognition Unique enemies slain at Ritual Altars in Area grant 200% more Tribute Limit: 1Names carry meaning. Meaning carries power.
Ritual Scarab of Abundance Rituals in Area offer 100% increased Favours Limit: 2He draws ever closer...
Harvest Scarab Area contains the Sacred Grove Limit: 1Hidden routes lead to vales of shadow and light...
Harvest Scarab of Doubling Lifeforce dropped by Harvest Monsters in Area is duplicated
Harvest Monsters in Area have 100% more Life
Limit: 1A good season brings bounty.
Harvest Scarab of Cornucopia If Area contains the Sacred Grove, it will contain up to 1 additional Tier 4 seed of each type, if possible Limit: 1The taller the tree, the better the fruit.
Bestiary Scarab Area contains Einhar Limit: 1The Beastmaster answers the call.
Bestiary Scarab of the Herd Area contains 5 additional Red Beasts if it contains Einhar Limit: 2The First Ones ran rampant and free in the forests of old.
Bestiary Scarab of Duplicating Create a copy of Beasts captured in Area Limit: 1"What's better than one captured beast, exile?"
Bestiary Scarab of the Shadowed Crow Area contains The Black Mórrigan if it contains Einhar Limit: 1The Nameless begin to slip their bonds of nonexistence...
Influencing Scarab of the Shaper Adds Shaper Influence outcome to Area Limit: 1A sea of stars awaits those who dare imagine.
Influencing Scarab of the Elder Adds Elder Influence outcome to Area Limit: 1Beyond the light lies only the void.
Influencing Scarab of Hordes Influenced Monster Packs in Area have 40% increased Pack Size Limit: 1Ideas cannot be contained.
Influencing Scarab of Conversion Tier 14+ Maps found in Area have a chance to drop as Shaper Guardian, Elder Guardian, Conqueror or Unique Synthesised Maps instead Limit: 1Memories resound in the Atlas, echoing forever.
Harbinger Scarab Area contains 3 additional Harbingers Limit: 4Their troops came in numbers uncountable and from lands unknown.
Harbinger Scarab of Discernment Harbingers in Area drop rarer currency shards
Harbingers in Area drop a single type of currency shard
Limit: 1There's no accounting for what some will hoard.
Harbinger Scarab of Regency Harbingers in Area have a 50% chance to be replaced by a powerful Harbinger Boss Limit: 1The truly noble wage war from the front.
Harbinger Scarab of Warhoards Currency shards dropped by Harbingers in Area are duplicated Limit: 1For those who can leverage it, war can be as much a machine of profit as it is death.
Abyss Scarab Area contains an additional Abyss Limit: 2They search forever for more souls to drag to the dark.
Abyss Scarab of Multitudes Abysses in Area spawn 75% increased Monsters Limit: 2They ceaselessly sprout from the murderous earth.
Abyss Scarab of Emptiness Rare Abyss Monsters in Area have a 50% chance to drop
an additional Rare item with an Abyssal socket
Limit: 1They stare back, with hollow hypnotising eyes.
Abyss Scarab of Edifice Abysses in Area that do not lead to an Abyssal Depths lead to a Stygian Spire
Abysses in Area spawn Hoards as they travel
Limit: 1Their empires ghastly and gaunt glitter with gold.
Essence Scarab Area contains 2 additional Essences Limit: 4It is perfectly safe, the creatures trapped inside couldn't possibly still be living.
Essence Scarab of Ascent Essences found in Area are a tier higher Limit: 1A more perfect facet cannot be achieved.
Essence Scarab of Stability Using a Remnant of Corruption in Area can only result in
upgrading or transforming Essences
Limit: 1With the right tools and a precise hand, the manipulation of the crystals can be made predictable.
Essence Scarab of Calcification All Rare monsters in Area are imprisoned by Essences Limit: 1The crystals... can spread?
Domination Scarab Area contains 2 additional Shrines Limit: 4A simple exchange. Blood for power.
Domination Scarab of Abnormality Area contains an additional Unusual Shrine Limit: 2What could possibly have been sacrificed to achieve... this?
Domination Scarab of Teachings Shrine buffs in Area also grant 30% increased Experience gained Limit: 1Whatever the prize, learn from it.
Domination Scarab of Terrors Shrines in Area are guarded by an additional Map Boss
Modifiers to the Final Map Boss also apply to these guardians
Limit: 1Whatever the prize, fight for it.
Incursion Scarab Area contains Alva Limit: 1Uncover the secrets of the Vaal one incursion at a time.
Incursion Scarab of Invasion Area contains 12-16 additional packs of Incursion Monsters Limit: 2A gate, once opened, may swing in either direction.
Incursion Scarab of Champions Incursions in Area have a 35% chance for all Monsters to be at least Magic
Incursions in Area have 15% increased Pack Size
Limit: 2Only the best served in Atzoatl.
Incursion Scarab of Timelines Final Architect slain in Area will drop an Itemised Temple
Itemised Temples dropped in Area are generated based on current Temple layout, but with randomised room tiers
Limit: 1They say if you go far enough, you will meet yourself...
Betrayal Scarab Area contains Jun Limit: 1The Syndicate must pay for what they have done.
Betrayal Scarab of Intelligence 150% Increased Intelligence gained from
Immortal Syndicate targets encountered in Area
Limit: 1Those that can never die fear only pain.
Betrayal Scarab of Reinforcements Immortal Syndicate Members in Area have 50% increased chance to be accompanied by reinforcements Limit: 1Move and countermove.
Betrayal Scarab of Perpetuation Defeated Immortal Syndicate targets in Area have a 50% chance
to drop an additional Scarab
Limit: 2The Syndicate has learned how to make their own scarabs...
Blight Scarab Area contains a Blight Encounter Limit: 1The tendrils creep and grow...
Blight Scarab of Bounty Blight Chests in Area have a 20% chance to be openable again Limit: 2A ghastly fruit, but twice as sweet.
Blight Scarab of Oils Blight Oils found in Area are 1 tier higher Limit: 1Strike deep into the pulse of the fungus.
Blight Scarab of Blooming Blight Encounters in Area have up to 3 additional Unique Bosses
Unique enemies in Blight Encounters have 100% increased life
Tier 14+ Blighted Maps found in Area drop as Blight-Ravaged Maps instead
Limit: 1Once a century, the Blight spills forth...
Breach Scarab Area contains 2 additional Breaches Limit: 4They are never far.
Breach Scarab of the Dreamer Breaches in Area will always belong to Chayula Limit: 1Dreams quickly sour into Nightmare.
Breach Scarab of Lordship Breaches in Area each contain a Breachlord Limit: 1Their kingdoms always seek expansion.
Breach Scarab of Splintering Breach Monsters in Area drop 50% more Breach Splinters
Clasped Hands in Area drop 50% more Breach Splinters
Limit: 2Bit by bit.
Breach Scarab of Snares Breaches in Area have 5 to 10 additional Clasped Hands
Clasped Hands in Area are guarded by a rare Breach Monster
Limit: 1Care where you step.
Cartography Scarab 50% increased Maps found in Area Limit: 2The Atlas holds endless secrets...
Cartography Scarab of Ascension Maps found in Area are a tier higher, up to Tier 16 Limit: 1Climb ever higher in the search for truth.
Cartography Scarab of Singularity A Unique Map will drop from the Final Map Boss Limit: 1Some regions of the Atlas never change.
Cartography Scarab of Corruption Non-Unique Maps found in Area are Corrupted with 8 Modifiers Limit: 1Corruption bleeds between realities.
Cartography Scarab of Duplication Maps found in Area have a 30% chance to be Duplicated Limit: 2Where you have been, there shall you be again.
Ambush Scarab Area contains 5 additional Strongboxes Limit: 4Is it still an ambush if you're expecting it?
Ambush Scarab of Hidden Compartments 15% Chance for Strongboxes in Area to be openable again Limit: 1Beneath the obvious lies the real treasure...
Ambush Scarab of Potency 75% Increased effect of Explicit Modifiers on Strongboxes in Area Limit: 1The locksmith dreams of building a better box.
Ambush Scarab of Containment Area contains many additional Strongboxes
Area's inhabitants are lying in ambush
Limit: 1The silence belies lurking doom.
Ambush Scarab of Discernment Strongboxes in Area are more likely to be rarer varieties Limit: 1A keen eye sorts the worthy from the chaff.
Expedition Scarab Area contains an Expedition Encounter Limit: 1They come from across the sea in search of ancient truth.
Expedition Scarab of Runefinding Expedition Encounters in Area have 100% increased
number of Runic Monster Markers
Limit: 2That which came from the stars longs to return.
Expedition Scarab of Verisium Powder Expedition Encounters in Area have 20% increased number of Explosives
80% increased Explosive Radius
Limit: 1A properly refined pinch makes all the difference.
Expedition Scarab of the Skald Expedition Encounters in Area are lead by Dannig Limit: 1Lead from the front, and your men will follow you anywhere.
Expedition Scarab of Archaeology Remnants in Expedition Encounters in Area have 2 additional Suffixes and Prefixes Limit: 1Curiosity leads to wisdom. Wisdom leads to power.
Legion Scarab Area contains an additional Legion Encounter Limit: 4What good is peace to a warrior?
Legion Scarab of Officers Legion Factions in Area have 5 additional Sergeants Limit: 1Even a battlefield has middle management.
Legion Scarab of Command Legion Factions in Area are accompanied by a General Limit: 1Cut off the head and the snake will perish.
Legion Scarab of The Sekhema Legion Encounters in Area always contain the Maraketh Faction Limit: 1Storms of blood-stained sand will drown the enemies of the Maraketh.
Legion Scarab of Eternal Conflict Legion Monsters in Area can be broken out of Stasis multiple times Limit: 1An eternity of blood. Glorious.
Beyond Scarab Slaying enemies close together in Area can attract monsters from Beyond this realm Limit: 1The silent wall and the raging storm oppose the endless swarm.
Beyond Scarab of Haemophilia Beyond Portals in Area have 30% increased Merging Radius Limit: 2Reality itself begins to bleed.
Beyond Scarab of Resurgence Beyond Bosses in Area area are enraged on low life
Beyond Bosses in Area drop 100% increased Tainted Currency
Beyond Portals in Area have 30% increased chance to spawn a Unique Boss
Limit: 1They hunger.
Beyond Scarab of Corruption Items dropped by Beyond Demons in Area are Corrupted Limit: 1Their very flesh exudes Corruption.
Beyond Scarab of the Invasion Unique Monsters slain in Area create 8 to 12 additional Beyond Portals Limit: 1The fated hour is almost nigh.
Ultimatum Scarab Area contains an Ultimatum Encounter Limit: 1A challenge may be requested at any time.
Ultimatum Scarab of Bribing Ultimatum Monsters grant 150% increased Experience
Ultimatum Encounters grant rewards as though you completed 2 additional Rounds
Limit: 2A trial is only as incorruptible as its judge.
Ultimatum Scarab of Dueling Ultimatum Encounters in Area will always lead to a Unique Boss if possible Limit: 1Victory is meaningless, failure will be mocked.
Ultimatum Scarab of Catalysing Ultimatum Encounters in Area will only offer Catalysts as Rewards Limit: 1Most regret finding out how the powder is made.
Ultimatum Scarab of Inscription Ultimatum Encounter rewards in Area offering Catalysts
will offer Inscribed Ultimatums instead
Limit: 1There is always a wager to be made... if you can afford it.
Delirium Scarab Area contains a Mirror of Delirium Limit: 1A perfectly innocuous Scarab that does nothing at all.
Delirium Scarab of Mania Delirium Reward Meters fill 100% faster in Area Limit: 2They're so loud! Why are they so loud?! All you can do is scream!
Delirium Scarab of Paranoia Delirium Encounters in Area generate 2 additional Reward types Limit: 2If it seems too good to be true...
Delirium Scarab of Neuroses Delirium Encounters in Area contain all Unique Delirium Bosses
Can only be used with Tier 11+ Maps
Limit: 1Toothy grins shine in the dark.
Delirium Scarab of Delusions Maps found in Area have layers of Delirium Limit: 1What are you talking about? The Atlas was always like this.
Scarab of Monstrous Lineage 40% increased Magic Pack Size Limit: 1The bloodlines evolve faster than they can be culled.
Scarab of Adversaries Area contains 4 additional Packs with Mirrored Rare Monsters Limit: 2They stand against you with equal enmity.
Mysterious Scarab Area contains 40-60 additional Clusters of Mysterious Barrels Limit: 3They chitter, they crawl, they bite... and they swarm.
Scarab of Hunted Traitors Area contains Hunted Traitors Limit: 1Nothing is as unforgiveable.
Scarab of Stability Portals to Area have a 50% chance to not be consumed on use Limit: 1Astonishing! A means to sustain the connection...
Horned Scarab of Bloodlines All Monster packs in Area are at least Magic Limit: 1Only the hardiest survive. Only survivors perpetuate.
Horned Scarab of Nemeses Rare Monsters in Area have 2 additional Modifiers Limit: 1Glory draws ever tighter its own doom.
Horned Scarab of Preservation Other Scarabs are not consumed on use Limit: 1We must not forget those who came before.
Horned Scarab of Awakening You can select one Imbued crafting option on the Map Device Limit: 1The Atlas can be anything you want... and everything you want.
Horned Scarab of Tradition All Rare Monsters in Area have at least one Reward Modifier
Player Modifiers to Item Rarity and Item Quantity do not apply in Area
Limit: 1To the strongest, prosperity be thine.
Horned Scarab of Glittering Players in Area gain increased Item Rarity and Item Quantity for each Monster slain recently, up to 200% and 100% respectively Limit: 1Wealth flows to those that shine brightest.
Horned Scarab of Pandemonium Monster packs in Area have a 15% chance to be replaced by a random Atlas Boss
Modifiers to the Final Map Boss also apply to these Atlas Bosses
Limit: 1Punctured dreams bleed into the mind.

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Scarab Rework 3.24

  • We’ve completely reworked Scarabs to include many of the options that were previously covered by the Sextant and Master Mission mechanics, and more.
  • You might come across Scarabs that simply grant access to different content, and others that cause that content to grant better rewards and its monsters to yield more experience. Each type of Scarab now has multiple versions, so if you want to fully invest into a single type of content you can do so.
  • All Scarabs are now world drops, and no longer have tiers. Some might be rarer than others, but the intention is that there will be a lot more options than before, and more interesting combinations to consider. If you want to target specific Scarabs, Betrayal has been updated to include most of them!
  • In addition to reworking the currently available Scarabs, we’ve also introduced 20 new Scarabs.
  • While this system is allowing you to heavily invest in one type of content, it is reducing your capacity for variety. To address this, we’ve massively increased access to content on the Atlas Tree. You are now able to reliably access different content like Breach or Legion solely from your Atlas Passives.
  • Incursion, Delve, Betrayal and Bestiary are now accessible through Scarabs, and have more reliable investment options on the Atlas Tree. Not only this, you can now have Alva, Niko, Jun, and Einhar all appear together in the same Map!
  • The 10 Atlas Notable Passives that cause your Maps to have no chance to contain specific content now also cause Scarabs found in your Maps to not be that type of content. These Notables also now have "Your Maps have +2% chance to contain other Extra Content that can be turned off through Atlas Passives" instead of "Your Maps have +2% chance to contain other Extra Content".
  • Scarabs now have a stack size of 20 (previously 10).
  • Previous vendor recipes for Scarabs have been removed, though we have added a new vendor recipe that can be used to trade three Scarabs for a single Scarab of type different from those vendored.
  • The following Divination Cards have been temporarily disabled: More is Never Enough, and Rebirth and Renewal. Existing Divination Cards cannot be turned in currently.

Sextant and Master Mission Removal

  • With every expansion added to the game, we have been increasing the complexity of running maps. It’s at the point now where a player must repeatedly execute a large sequence of steps to run maps efficiently. It can be easy to forget critical steps, and it can be tiring to repeat them.
  • To solve this, we are removing the Sextant and Master Mission selector systems and putting significantly more power into Scarabs and the Atlas Tree instead.
  • You can no longer earn Einhar, Alva, Jun or Niko Master Missions, and the accessibility to these Masters has been significantly increased with changes to the Atlas Passive Tree. Kirac still has Missions available for you though!
  • Sextants can no longer drop, and Surveyor’s Compasses are no longer offered for purchase by Kirac.
  • Existing Awakened Sextants, Elevated Sextants, Charged Compasses, and all Scarabs will be converted to Veiled Scarabs upon logging in after the launch of 3.24.0
  • Previous sources of Sextants as rewards, such as Legion, Ritual, Incursion, and Sextants offered for purchase by Kirac have been replaced with Scarabs.
  • Inscribed Ultimatums that require Awakened Sextants as a sacrifice now require Stacked Decks instead.
  • Existing Forbidden Sanctums that award Awakened Sextants will award Veiled Scarabs on completion.
  • The Crucible Passive Skill that causes an item to sell for additional Sextants now instead causes an item to sell for one or two of each Cartography Scarab, depending on the tier of modifier.
  • Valdo’s Maps that had a chance to convert Maps to Charged Compasses instead now have a chance to convert Maps to Scarabs.
  • The Harvest Crafting Option to Enchant a non-Unique Map with Map has 50% chance to not consume Sextant Uses has been removed.
  • The following Divination Cards have been temporarily disabled: Monochrome and Underground Forest. Existing Divination Cards cannot be turned in currently.

In Path of Exile: Necropolis League, the Veiled Scarab is a currency item that adds an element of surprise and potentially increased rewards to your map runs. Here's what you need to know:


  • Random Scarab Reveal: When you right-click a Veiled Scarab, it consumes itself and reveals a random Scarab from the entire pool of available Scarabs.


  • Discovery Potential: Veiled Scarabs offer a way to potentially acquire Scarabs you might not have encountered yet. This can be a good way to discover new map mechanics or target specific rewards associated with certain Scarabs.
  • Increased Rarity Chance: Some Scarabs are rarer than others. Using Veiled Scarabs can increase your chances of obtaining these rarer Scarabs compared to relying on finding them naturally in maps.

Overall, Veiled Scarabs are a unique currency item in Path of Exile: Necropolis League that injects a layer of randomness and potential reward into your gameplay. They can be a fun way to explore new Scarabs or target rare ones, but keep in mind the element of chance involved.

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