PoE Ambush Scarab of Discernment: rarer Strongboxes

Ambush Scarab of Discernment

Stack Size: 1/20. Limit: 1.

  • Strongboxes in Area are more likely to be rarer varieties

Flavour Text: A keen eye sorts the worthy from the chaff.

How to use Ambush Scarab of Discernment?

Can be used in a personal Map Device to add modifiers to a Map.

How to get it?

  • It is now world drops. If you want to target specific Scarabs, Betrayal has been updated to include most of them!
  • Scarabs Atlas Passives can increase Scarabs drop chances. For example, Trapping Carapaces grants "Scarabs found in your Maps are 100% more likely to be Ambush Scarabs".
  • Veiled Scarab currency reveals a random Scarab when clicked.
  • Divination cards. For example, a set of two Cameria’s Cut cards can be exchanged for a random scarab.

PoE Ambush Scarab of Discernment

The Ambush Scarab of Discernment in Path of Exile focuses on quality over quantity when it comes to Strongboxes. Here’s how it influences your map encounters:

  • Increased Chance for Rarer Strongboxes: When you use this Scarab in your Map Device, it significantly increases the likelihood of encountering rarer types of Strongboxes within the map area.

Rarer Strongboxes in Path of Exile:

There are various tiers of Strongboxes, with common ones appearing more frequently and rarer ones offering potentially better rewards. Some examples of rarer Strongboxes include:

  • Gemcutter’s Strongbox: These Strongboxes have a higher chance to contain valuable gems.
  • Cartographer’s Strongbox: These Strongboxes offer a higher chance to contain maps.
  • Reliquary Strongbox: These Strongboxes have a chance to contain unique Reliquary Keys that unlock special rewards.

Benefits of Ambush Scarab of Discernment:

  • Targeted Loot Potential: By increasing the chance for rarer Strongboxes, this Scarab allows you to target specific types of loot. For example, if you’re looking for valuable gems, you can use this Scarab alongside maps known to have a higher chance of spawning Gemcutter’s Strongboxes.
  • Increased Value Potential: Rarer Strongboxes generally have a higher chance of containing more valuable loot compared to common ones.

Important Notes:

  • Doesn’t Guarantee Specific Rarity: The Scarab only increases the chance for rarer Strongboxes, it doesn’t guarantee that every Strongbox will be a rare type.
  • Scarab Rarity: Ambush Scarab of Discernment might be rarer than the base Ambush Scarab, so it might be more expensive to acquire.
  • Quantity vs Quality: This Scarab focuses on quality (rarer Strongboxes) compared to the Ambush Scarab of Containment which focuses on quantity (more Strongboxes). You can choose the Scarab that best suits your needs.


The Ambush Scarab of Discernment is a great choice for players who want to target specific loot types or simply increase their chances of encountering high-value Strongboxes. While it doesn’t guarantee specific rarities, the increased likelihood of encountering rarer Strongboxes offers the potential for more valuable rewards and a more targeted approach to your Strongbox encounters. This Scarab is a good option for players who prioritize quality over quantity and want to optimize their Strongbox encounters for specific loot goals.

PoE Ambush Scarab of Discernment Vendor Recipes

Recipe: Trade three same Scarabs for a single Scarab of type different from those vendored.

Vendor Recipe Outcome
  • 3x Ambush Scarab of Discernment
1x random Ambush Scarab: Ambush Scarab, Ambush Scarab of Hidden Compartments, Ambush Scarab of Potency, Ambush Scarab of Containment

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List of PoE Ambush Scarabs

Name Description Limit
Ambush Scarab
  • Area contains 5 additional Strongboxes
Limit: 4
Ambush Scarab of Hidden Compartments
  • 15% Chance for Strongboxes in Area to be openable again
Limit: 1
Ambush Scarab of Potency
  • 75% Increased effect of Explicit Modifiers on Strongboxes in Area
Limit: 1
Ambush Scarab of Containment
  • Area contains many additional Strongboxes
  • Area’s inhabitants are lying in ambush
Limit: 1
Ambush Scarab of Discernment
  • Strongboxes in Area are more likely to be rarer varieties
Limit: 1

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