Defeat Act 5: Kitava, the Insatiable

PoE Challenges: Act 5: Kitava, the Insatiable boss.

Defeat Kitava Location: The Cathedral Rooftop

The Cathedral Rooftop is connected to Ruined Square. The entrance is located at the bottom north-west of the Ruined Square.

The layout is mostly linear across the roof of the cathedral, and the boss fight takes place in the Cathedral Apex at the end.

Defeat Kitava Location

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Defeat Kitava Strategy

Kitava deals mostly physical damage and fire damage. High armour will help mitigate the physical damage, while supporting flasks will help reduce received damage.

Recommended flasks are Ruby Flask, Basalt Flask, and/or Granite Flask. If you’re using an evasion based defence, Jade Flask.

Life Regeneration will help against Devouring Darkness, which can be assisted with various tools such as a Sulphur Flask.

Taking Soul of Abberath from the Pantheon can also help with Ultimate Death Breath.

Kitava permanently lowers all of your resistances by 30% after “defeating” him at the end of Act 5 (you can’t win. You can only get him to about 50% health and then he turns on Enrage Mode, turns red, and fires a beam from his eyes that destroys the Purity of Innocence. Sin saves you at the last minute) , and reduces them by a further 30% after being defeated in act 10. Caution should be taken to make sure your resistances are high enough so the drop doesn’t affect you too harshly. The effect is permanent and cannot be removed.

Kitava, the Insatiable Abilities


  • Deals 75% of Damage
  • 50% less damage to Minions


  • Deals 20% of Damage
  • 70% less damage to Minions

Throw Debris

  • Deals 100% of Damage
  • 50% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage
  • 25% more Attack Speed
  • 30% less damage to Minions

Devouring Darkness

  • Deals X Physical Damage per second
  • Base duration is 6 seconds
  • Base secondary duration is 3 seconds
  • 50% less damage to Minions

X Blast

  • Deals X to Y Physical Damage
  • 50% less damage to Minions

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