PoE Beyond Scarab: attract monsters from Beyond

List of PoE Beyond Scarabs

Name DescriptionLimit
Beyond Scarab
  • Slaying enemies close together in Area can attract monsters from Beyond this realm
Limit: 1
Beyond Scarab of Corruption
  • Items dropped by Beyond Demons in Area are Corrupted
Limit: 1
Beyond Scarab of Haemophilia
  • Beyond Portals in Area have 30% increased Merging Radius
Limit: 2
Beyond Scarab of Resurgence
  • Beyond Bosses in Area area are enraged on low life
  • Beyond Bosses in Area drop 100% increased Tainted Currency
  • Beyond Portals in Area have 30% increased chance to spawn a Unique Boss
Limit: 1
Beyond Scarab of the Invasion
  • Unique Monsters slain in Area create 8 to 12 additional Beyond Portals
Limit: 1

Beyond Scarab

Stack Size: 1/20. Limit: 1.

  • Slaying enemies close together in Area can attract monsters from Beyond this realm

Flavour Text: The silent wall and the raging storm oppose the endless swarm.

How to use Beyond Scarab?

Can be used in a personal Map Device to add modifiers to a Map.

How to get it?

  • It is now world drops. If you want to target specific Scarabs, Betrayal has been updated to include most of them!
  • Aisling's Research Safehouse reward is now a stash of Beyond Scarabs. This does not apply to Ruthless.
  • Scarabs Atlas Passives can increase Scarabs drop chances. For example, Tainted Carapaces grants "Scarabs dropped in your Maps are 100% more likely to be Beyond Scarabs".
  • Veiled Scarab currency reveals a random Scarab when clicked.
  • Divination cards. For example, a set of two Cameria's Cut cards can be exchanged for a random scarab.

PoE Beyond Scarab

Attracting Beyond Demons:

  • When you use this Scarab in your Map Device, it introduces a mechanic where slaying enemies in close proximity within the map area has a chance to attract monsters from the Beyond realm. These are extra, challenging enemies that appear alongside the regular map monsters.

Understanding Beyond Realm:

  • The Beyond realm is an alternate dimension that can bleed into your maps through certain mechanics, including Beyond Scarabs.
  • Beyond Demons: The monsters that spawn from the Beyond realm are typically more challenging than their regular counterparts. They often have unique modifiers that can make them more dangerous or rewarding.

Impact of the Scarab:

  • Increased Difficulty and Challenge: The Beyond Scarabs add another layer of combat to your map runs. You'll need to be prepared to handle both the regular map monsters and the potentially tougher Beyond demons that appear.
  • Potential for Better Rewards: Beyond demons often drop more valuable loot or currency compared to regular monsters. Defeating them can be rewarding, but it comes with the added challenge.


The PoE Beyond Scarab is a good choice for players who want to add some variety, challenge, and the potential for better rewards to their map runs. It injects an extra layer of combat excitement but comes with the risk of encountering tougher enemies that can disrupt your clearing flow. Use this Scarab strategically, considering your build's strength and your preference for a more unpredictable and potentially more rewarding map experience.

PoE Beyond Scarab Vendor Recipes

Recipe: Trade three same Scarabs for a single Scarab of type different from those vendored.

Vendor Recipe Outcome
  • 3x Beyond Scarab
1x random Beyond Scarab: Beyond Scarab of Corruption, Beyond Scarab of Haemophilia, Beyond Scarab of Resurgence, Beyond Scarab of the Invasion

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