PoE Abyss Scarab 3.24: an additional Abyss

List of PoE Abyss Scarabs

Name DescriptionLimit
Abyss Scarab
  • Area contains an additional Abyss
Limit: 2
Abyss Scarab of Multitudes
  • Abysses in Area spawn 75% increased Monsters
Limit: 2
Abyss Scarab of Edifice
  • Abysses in Area that do not lead to an Abyssal Depths lead to a Stygian Spire
  • Abysses in Area spawn Hoards as they travel
Limit: 1
Abyss Scarab of Emptiness
  • Rare Abyss Monsters in Area have a 50% chance to drop an additional Rare item with an Abyssal socket
Limit: 1
Abyss Scarab of Profound Depth
  • Monsters from Abysses in Areas have increased Difficulty and Reward for each prior Pit in that Abyss
Limit: 1

Abyss Scarab

Stack Size: 1/20. Limit: 2.

  • Area contains an additional Abyss

Flavour Text: They search forever for more souls to drag to the dark.

How to use Abyss Scarab?

Can be used in a personal Map Device to add modifiers to a Map.

How to get it?

  • It is now world drops. If you want to target specific Scarabs, Betrayal has been updated to include most of them!
  • Scarabs Atlas Passives can increase Scarabs drop chances. For example, Ancient Conflict grants "Abyssal Troves and Stygian Spires in your Maps have 3% chance to drop an Abyss Scarab".
  • Veiled Scarab currency reveals a random Scarab when clicked.
  • Divination cards. For example, a set of two Cameria's Cut cards can be exchanged for a random scarab.

PoE Abyss Scarab

The basic Abyss Scarab in Path of Exile is a straightforward and common scarab that increases the number of Abyss encounters you'll have in a map. Here's a breakdown of its effect:

More Abysses, More Chances:

  • One Additional Abyss: Using this scarab in any map guarantees the spawn of one extra Abyss throughout the area. This increases your opportunities to encounter Abysses and interact with their unique mechanics.

Unlocking Abyss Rewards:

  • Currency Shards: Abysses have a chance to contain chests that drop various currency shards, including Ancient Orbs, Chaos Orbs, Regal Orbs, and even Exalted Orbs. With more Abysses, the potential for acquiring valuable currency increases.
  • Unique Items: Abysses can also house special monsters that drop unique items specific to the Abyss. These can be valuable additions to your collection or for trading with other players.
  • Abyssal Depths and Lich encounters: Deeper Abysses, indicated by a swirling red portal, can lead to the Abyssal Depths, a challenging optional zone with powerful enemies and potentially high-tier rewards. Additionally, some Abysses might house Liches, which are powerful Abyss rares that can drop valuable items. With more Abysses, the chance of encountering these features also increases.

Who should use it?

  • New Players: This scarab is a great choice for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with Abyss mechanics and potentially acquire Abyss-specific rewards.
  • Casual Abyss Exploration: If you casually enjoy encountering Abysses during your map runs and want to see more of them, this scarab is a simple way to increase their frequency.
  • Targeted Abyss Farming (with other scarabs): The basic Abyss Scarab can be a solid foundation when combined with other Abyss scarabs. For example, using it alongside an Abyss Scarab of Edifice (increases depth) or Emptiness (boosts Lich chance) can create a more targeted Abyss farming strategy.


  • Other Scarabs: Consider using scarabs focused on different mechanics depending on your needs. For example, Breach or Legion scarabs offer encounters with alternative content and loot pools.
  • Map Mods: Specific map mods like "Abysses Contain More Creeping Vines" or "Increased Enemy Density" can alter the difficulty and rewards of Abyss encounters.


The Abyss Scarab is a versatile tool for incorporating more Abysses into your Path of Exile experience. Use it strategically based on your desired level of challenge, preferred loot, and overall enjoyment of this mechanic.

PoE Abyss Scarab Vendor Recipes

Recipe: Trade three same Scarabs for a single Scarab of type different from those vendored.

Vendor Recipe Outcome
  • 3x Abyss Scarab
1x random Abyss Scarab: Abyss Scarab of Multitudes, Abyss Scarab of Edifice, Abyss Scarab of Emptiness

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