PoE Blight Scarab of Oils: 1 tier higher Blight Oils

Blight Scarab of Oils

Stack Size: 1/20. Limit: 1.

  • Blight Oils found in Area are 1 tier higher

Flavour Text: Strike deep into the pulse of the fungus.

How to use Blight Scarab of Oils?

Can be used in a personal Map Device to add modifiers to a Map.

How to get it?

  • It is now world drops. If you want to target specific Scarabs, Betrayal has been updated to include most of them!
  • Scarabs Atlas Passives can increase Scarabs drop chances. For example, Devoted Carapaces grants "Scarabs dropped in your Maps are 100% more likely to be Domination Scarabs".
  • Veiled Scarab currency reveals a random Scarab when clicked.
  • Divination cards. For example, a set of two Cameria’s Cut cards can be exchanged for a random scarab.

PoE Blight Scarab of Oils

The Blight Scarab of Oils in Path of Exile enhances your Blight experience by focusing on the oil rewards:

  • Blight Oils Upgraded by 1 Tier: When you use this Scarab in your Map Device, any Blight Oils you find within the Blight map area will be one tier higher than they normally would be.

Here’s a breakdown of what this means:

  • Base Blight Oils: There are various tiers of Blight Oils, with lower tiers being more common. This Scarab effectively upgrades these base oils you find to the next tier.
  • Increased Value: Higher tier Blight Oils generally hold more value due to their increased effectiveness in crafting.
  • Oil Extractor Synergy: This Scarab becomes particularly valuable if you’ve invested points in the Atlas Passive Skill Tree that grants a chance for Oil Extractors to appear in your Blight maps. The Oil Extractor allows you to extract a higher tier oil from a lower tier one, so this Scarab essentially feeds into that mechanic for even greater rewards.

Overall, the Blight Scarab of Oils is a great option for players who want to maximize their Blight oil income, especially if they’ve invested in the Atlas tree for Oil Extractors.

PoE Blight Scarab of Oils Vendor Recipes

Recipe: Trade three same Scarabs for a single Scarab of type different from those vendored.

Vendor Recipe Outcome
  • 3x Blight Scarab of Oils
1x random Blight Scarab: Blight Scarab, Blight Scarab of Bounty, Blight Scarab of Blooming

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List of PoE Blight Scarabs

Name Description Limit
Blight Scarab
  • Area contains a Blight Encounter
Limit: 1
Blight Scarab of Bounty
  • Blight Chests in Area have a 20% chance to be openable again
Limit: 2
Blight Scarab of Oils
  • Blight Oils found in Area are 1 tier higher
Limit: 1
Blight Scarab of Blooming
  • Blight Encounters in Area have up to 3 additional Unique Bosses
  • Unique enemies in Blight Encounters have 100% increased life
  • Tier 14+ Blighted Maps found in Area drop as Blight-Ravaged Maps instead
Limit: 2

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