PoE Ambush Scarab 3.24: contains 5 additional Strongboxes

List of PoE Ambush Scarabs

Name DescriptionLimit
Ambush Scarab
  • Area contains 5 additional Strongboxes
Limit: 4
Ambush Scarab of Hidden Compartments
  • 15% Chance for Strongboxes in Area to be openable again
Limit: 1
Ambush Scarab of Potency
  • 75% Increased effect of Explicit Modifiers on Strongboxes in Area
Limit: 1
Ambush Scarab of Containment
  • Area contains many additional Strongboxes
  • Area's inhabitants are lying in ambush
Limit: 1
Ambush Scarab of Discernment
  • Strongboxes in Area are more likely to be rarer varieties
Limit: 1

PoE Ambush Scarab

Stack Size: 1/20. Limit: 4.

  • Area contains 5 additional Strongboxes

Flavour Text: Is it still an ambush if you're expecting it?

How to use PoE Ambush Scarab?

Can be used in a personal Map Device to add modifiers to a Map.

How to get it?

  • It is now world drops. If you want to target specific Scarabs, Betrayal has been updated to include most of them!
  • Scarabs Atlas Passives can increase Scarabs drop chances. For example, Trapping Carapaces grants "Scarabs found in your Maps are 100% more likely to be Ambush Scarabs".
  • Veiled Scarab currency reveals a random Scarab when clicked.
  • Divination cards. For example, a set of two Cameria's Cut cards can be exchanged for a random scarab.

PoE PoE Ambush Scarab

The Ambush Scarab in Path of Exile is a consumable scarab that injects a specific benefit into your map runs:

  • More Strongboxes: When you use this Scarab in your Map Device before running a map, it adds 5 additional Strongboxes to the map area. Strongboxes are special containers that hold loot and require a specific currency called a Bandit's Whetstone to open.

Increased Loot Potential:

Essentially, the Ambush Scarab grants you the opportunity to open 5 extra Strongboxes, which translates to potentially more loot. The quality of the loot you find within these Strongboxes depends on various factors, including the tier of the map you're running and the rarity of the Strongboxes themselves.


The Ambush Scarab is a straightforward and cost-effective way to increase the potential rewards you get from a map run. While the loot quality itself is randomized, the increased number of Strongboxes offers more opportunities to score valuable finds. This Scarab is a solid option for both new and experienced players looking to get more out of their maps.

PoE PoE Ambush Scarab Vendor Recipes

Recipe: Trade three same Scarabs for a single Scarab of type different from those vendored.

Vendor Recipe Outcome
  • 3x PoE Ambush Scarab
1x random Ambush Scarab: Ambush Scarab of Hidden Compartments, Ambush Scarab of Potency, Ambush Scarab of Containment, Ambush Scarab of Discernment

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