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Torchlight Infinite Insight Essence

Insight Essence is indeed a currency used for purchasing Pactspirits in the Pactspirit Shop in Torchlight Infinite. Here's some additional information about it:

Obtaining Insight Essence:

  • Several ways exist to acquire Insight Essence:
    • Completing Bounties: Bounties awarded by the Guildmaster often reward Insight Essence upon completion.
    • Defeating Void Pirates: Eliminating these pesky pirates occasionally provides Insight Essence as loot.
    • Seasonal Activities: Specific challenges and events during each season may offer Insight Essence as rewards.
    • Trading: You can occasionally find Insight Essence for sale on the Trade House, although prices may fluctuate.

Utilizing Insight Essence:

  • The primary use of Insight Essence is to purchase Pactspirits in the Pactspirit Shop. These unique companion creatures offer various benefits, including:
    • Combat Support: Pactspirits can attack enemies alongside you, dealing additional damage and applying beneficial effects.
    • Resource Generation: Some Pactspirits generate resources like Ember or Vigor for you.
    • Utility Skills: Specific Pactspirits offer helpful skills like teleportation, buffs, or crowd control.

Choosing the Right Pactspirit:

  • Different Pactspirits cater to various playstyles and build needs. Consider factors like:
    • Damage Type: Choose a Pactspirit that complements your own damage type for synergistic benefits.
    • Utility Skills: Focus on Pactspirits with skills that fit your preferred gameplay style and address potential weaknesses.
    • Resource Generation: If you struggle with resource management, a resource-generating Pactspirit can be invaluable.

Remember: Insight Essence is a valuable resource, so spend it wisely! Research different Pactspirits, consider your build needs, and choose the companion that best enhances your overall gameplay experience.

Insight Essence

icon name description
Insight Essence A currency used to purchase Pactspirits in the Pactspirit Shop.

Pactspirit Shop

Insight Crystal
Used to acquire pactspirits from Boons.
Insight Essence x20
Limited 5
Fantasy Crystal
Used to acquire outfits from Boons.
Insight Essence x20
Limited 5
Revival Token
Prevents the XP loss upon revival.
Insight Essence x6
Elixir of Oblivion
Used to reset Talent Nodes.
Insight Essence x6
Plaintive Ball of Thread - Gold Leaf
Used in the Pact System to increase drops.
Refreshed each season.
Insight Essence x100
Limited 3
[Summon] Legendary Insignia
Material used to summon Survival Legendary Pactspirits.
Refreshed each season.
Insight Essence x400

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