2 factors for cheap currency in PoE

There are two factors: efficiency and time. If you don’t have much money, then at least one is low. Since everyone has their own life, I can’t help but spend time playing PoE, but I can give you some improvements Advice on efficiency and/or how to make money.

2 factors for cheap currency in PoE

First thing: chaos recipe. All players with experience will tell you: they are terrible and inefficient. I have the same view. However, this is a steady income chaos orb. At the current per exalt, 60 recipes per liter. I have a free map party with a perm, many people are new/temporary players. Those who make chaos recipe say that they can complete 10-15 recipes in one hour. If you do it at the same pace, that’s the equivalent of having a predecessor every 5 hours. Slow is not good, but if you like to play slowly, it is stable and great to do.

right now. If you don’t mind running only one map all day, use only one build that you may not like (if you liked it before, you won’t like it after). The most efficient way is to use a shape to find characters for Atlas’ magic, it will only drop a map of a specific reward. There are many guides on this, so I won’t cover them here.

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In order to improve efficiency, it is basically how you scroll the map, how fast you run, how high you need loot to stop the slaughter to take it away.

Used for map scrolling. Minimal: Alc yellow map, chisel + Alc red map. More luxurious: add a sextant around it, or add a sacrifice fragment when you open the map or use some small prophecy or Zana mods. King suite: all of the above.

Regarding the speed at which you run the map, it is also called “clear speed”. You can get some maps you like, know the layout and time to clean it yourself. The maximum speed is less than 2 minutes, and a good pace is about 5 minutes, and the slow zone is started for more than 8 minutes. About 4-5 minutes is where you want to go unless you want to run faster. Learning the overall layout of a running map and having a build that can easily clear packages is the key to this reduction.

Things to buy: Primitive currency, things that can be sold on poe currency and maps are almost always available. Then, most uniques vendors are alc, T1 rares ID (which will be bad most of the time), and misc unit rares chaos recipe (if you do). For currency, you need at least 3-4 times chaos. Take a look at Poe.ninja, it’s fusing on top. For those things that can sell money, the 6 sockets are 7 Jews, almost 1 is everywhere. The 6L thing is sacred, map and sextant model, making the item fall and corruption is a great source, the ordnance strength box and “items have extra sockets” can also be the same thing, I don’t think I would recommend this you.

There are divination cards. Aside from “high profile” people like doctors, those who provide direct currency are a good source of income. Anger Anger is a bit chaos and drops a lot in the bell tower (set 8, give 10). Survivors are about the same value and have fallen a lot in the underground (a set of 3 for 7 alcs). Then came humility, giving a ball in the straits and waterways. All others provide a collection of 6 links X. Go to the wiki for all the information you need, look at the divination card section of poe.ninja, and find your own farm.

In addition to farming, you can also provide removal services. The most popular places are laboratories (easy to use any JUG tank, enchanting is a free lottery for each run, just use Starkonja, Devoto or ilvl 84 + T1 white), grandfather hall (easy to use miners, You can drop the divination card for the mirror, the shaper guardian (you open your map damage, let the boss choose the shooting range and then write off and sell it for 4-5c, plus the debris drop is easy to profit, any other drop All just icing on the cake), there’s more, but the points you get.


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