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Ammunition or ammo is the term used for expendable ordnance material used in charging firearms of all kinds; such as powder, balls, shot, shells, percussion caps, rockets, missiles, energy, etc. The purpose of ammunition is to project force against a selected target or area.

All ammo has weight in Fallout 76 like in the survival modes of Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4. This weight can be reduced with the appropriate perks which will reduce the weight of a particular type of ammo. The level of the player character determines how many and which types of ammo may appear in containers or on defeated enemies. However, there are certain types of ammo that will only appear at specific locations. There is plenty of ammo scattered throughout Appalachia, but if one has the caps and doesn’t feel like venturing out to find more, it can be purchased from both tradersand ammunition vending machines. Ammo can also be crafted at a tinker’s workbench with the appropriate materials.

Some types of ammunition can also be enhanced with ultracite. This makes it more deadly against enemies affected by the Scorched Plague. Ultracite ammunition can only be used by weapons which have been modified with a prime receiver.

Fallout 76 Ammunition Factory & Workshop

The ammunition plant is a world object and settlement object in Fallout 76. Location: One can be found at the converted munitions factory. It is a large red machine similar to mineral producers, found at the converted munitions factory workshop. It is controlled by a nearby terminal and produces ammunition over time.

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The ammunition plant has a production rate of 83/hr. This means that it will tick every 43.37 seconds. The amount of ammunition produced depends on the type made. The current tick is reset when new ammunition is selected.

It requires 20 Power for it to operate. Generators can be built within the building itself to power the machine.

Name Amount per Tick
10mm 5
.308 round 1
.38 round 5
.44 round 2
.45 round 2
.50 round 1
5.56mm round 5
5mm round 5
Fusion cell 1
Gamma round 1
Plasma cartridge 1
Shotgun shell 1

Converted munitions factory

The converted munitions factory is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102. It is a public workshop with claim and defend event quests. The converted munitions factory appears only in Fallout 76.

The munitions factory can be powered from Monongah power plant if the Powering Up Monongah quest has been completed.


In 2076, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under Colonel Myron Pollard inspected this Radiation King factory and took it over, converting it to a munitions factory while demoting its former supervisor to line work. The former supervisor soon realized that the ammunition crates being filled were all staying at the factory, and confronted Col. Pollard as to why they weren’t being shipped to the front lines in Alaska. Pollard paid him no mind and said they were simply stockpiling, which led the supervisor to conclude that the entire operation was meant to be a mere morale and economic boost.


Outside of the plant, there is a gated parking area filled with army vehicles. To the west is a Vertibot landing pad with a crate of Vertibot signal grenades. There are oil, silver, lead, aluminum and junk deposits here, though the most notable resource is the ammunition plant inside on the first floor. If it is powered up, the plant can produce a wide variety of ballistic and energy ammunition types by selecting the desired ammo on an adjacent terminal. Also on the first level, on the eastern side, is a generator room that has an armor workbench and a fusion core. The second floor holds the supervisor’s office, as well as a mostly empty break room to the east. Next to that is another room where the assembly line begins. The factory has a sprawling connection of catwalks, and if one walks along the section heading north and ascending to the third level, they will reach a small storage room with various explosives and a weapons workbench. On the other end of the building is another office that is locked by a terminal. Above that office is a platform with various containers and a sledgehammer on top of a desk. On the factory’s roof, there is a small building that can be accessed with console and file cabinets inside. Littered throughout the roof are holes that can be jumped into to re-enter the factory.

Notable loot

  • Fusion core – In the generator room.
  • Horace’s note – On a desk in the area across from the break room.
  • Floyd’s note – On a coffee table by the window in the office locked behind a terminal.
  • Ten Vertibot signal grenades in a crate beside the landing pad.
  • Power armor chassis with random pieces of armor on the third floor.

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Fallout 76 Ammunition Types

The types of ammunition: Ballistic, Camera, Energy, and Explosive. The following is the list.


Name Weapons using this ammo Weight Value Type Base ID
.308 round

  • Hunting rifle
    • Brotherhood recon rifle
  • Light machine gun
  • Pipe bolt-action
0.006 2 Standard 0001f66b
Ultracite 004709b4
.38 round

  • Combat rifle
    • The Fixer 
  • Hunting rifle
    • Brotherhood recon rifle
  • Pipe bolt-action
  • Pipe gun
  • Pipe revolver
0.003 1 Standard 0004ce87
Ultracite 004775af
.44 round

  • Single action revolver
  • Western revolver
  • .44 pistol
    • Medical Malpractice 
    • Somerset Special
    • Voice of Set
0.004 3 Standard 0009221c
Ultracite 004709b5
.45 round

  • Combat rifle
    • The Fixer 
  • Lever action rifle
    • Sole Survivor 
  • Pipe gun
  • Pipe revolver
  • Radium rifle
  • Submachine gun
0.003 2 Standard 0001f66a
Ultracite 004709b6
.50 caliber ball

  • Black powder blunderbuss
  • Black powder pistol
  • Black powder rifle
  • The Dragon
0.1 5 Standard 0000796e
.50 round

  • 50 cal machine gun
    • The Action Hero 
  • Hunting rifle
    • Brotherhood recon rifle
0.005 5 Standard 0001f279
Ultracite 004709b7

  • 10mm pistol
    • Anti-Scorched training pistol
  • 10mm submachine gun
    • Perfect Storm
0.005 1 Standard 0001f276
Ultracite 004709b2
5.56mm round

  • Assault rifle
  • Chinese assault rifle
  • Handmade rifle
0.005 2 Standard 0001f278
Ultracite 004709b8
5mm round

  • Gatling gun
    • Resolute Veteran 
  • Minigun
0.001 1 Standard 0001f66c
Ultracite 004709b9

  • Broadsider
1 8 Standard 000fd11c
Crossbow bolt

  • Crossbow
0.06 8 Standard 0032b235
Ultracite 004709ba

  • Flare gun
0.1 1 Standard 001025ae

  • Harpoon gun
0.2 1 Standard 001109ce
Paddle ball string

  • Paddle ball
0.01 1 Standard 001129d0
Railway spike

  • Railway rifle
0.2 1 Standard 000fe269
Ultracite 004709bf
Shotgun shell

  • Combat shotgun
  • Pump-action shotgun
    • Civil Unrest
  • Double-barrel shotgun
0.006 2 Standard 0001f673
Ultracite 004709c0
Syringer ammo

  • Syringer
    • Rose’s syringer
    • Vox syringer
0.005 1 Standard 0018506b


Name Weapons using this ammo Weight Value Type Base ID
Camera film

  • ProSnap Deluxe camera
0.005 1 Standard 003f1211


Name Weapons using this ammo Weight Value Type Base ID
2mm EC

  • Gauss rifle
0.01 10 Standard 0018abdf
Ultracite 004709b3
Alien blaster round

  • Alien blaster
0.01 1 Standard 001025aa
Cryo cell

  • Cryolator
0.03 10 Standard 0018abe2

  • Flamer
    • Pyrolyzer
0.01 1 Standard 000cac78
Fusion cell

  • Laser gun
  • Laser musket 
  • Salvaged assaultron head
  • Tesla rifle
  • Ultracite laser gun
0.005 3 Standard 000c1897
Ultracite 004709bb
Fusion core

  • Gatling laser
3.00 162 Standard 00075fe4
Ultracite 004709bc
Gamma round

  • Gamma gun
0.01 10 Standard 000df279
Plasma cartridge

  • Plasma gun
0.03 5 Standard 0001dbb7
Ultracite 004709bd
Plasma core

  • Gatling plasma
1.00 162 Standard 0001ec49
Ultracite 004709be


Name Weapons using this ammo Weight Value Type Base ID
40mm grenade round

  • M79 grenade launcher
    • Crushing Blow 
  • Auto grenade launcher
0.02 25 Standard 001cf27d
Mini nuke

  • Fat Man
    • Daisycutter
    • The Guarantee 
6.00 100 Standard 000e6b2e

  • Missile launcher
    • Bunker Buster
2.00 25 Standard 000caba3

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