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Antonius’ Research Log – Codex
Keegan, Vicar Bishop August 31, Sunny

Today I left the Cathedral and started my first day in the Sanctuary of Dawn.

My old colleagues laughed at me for being “old and insane”, but they didn’t mean anything to me.

Three days ago, Keegan once again turned down my “Feasibility Analysis of Curing the Disqualified with Ember Components”, and accused me of incompetency and “harming the Church using the Disqualified”.

If only the Arcbishop wasn’t so ill, Keegan wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant.

No one spoke for me except Romer, the Knight of Commandments.

Arcbishop Derrick adopted him, and saw him as the future leader of all Knights of Commandments.

Thanks to Romer, I was only sent to the Sanctuary of Dawn instead of being exiled.

When I opened my luggage and put them under the sun, Romer came to the Sanctuary and told me that he completely agreed with me. The light should never be a privilege for the selected few, and the Disqualified also had the same right to redemption.

Honestly, he was one of the only few men of justice in the Church.

I will continue to stay in the Sanctuary and look for a way to save the Disqualified.

September 2, Overcast & Storm

My research wasn’t going well. After some debating, I took my savings and went to the Disciple’s Alleys.

A young Disqualified girl rode her motorbike off the wall, almost scaring me to death. Somehow, she managed to stop right in front of me without making any noise.

After hearing my request for the cheapest Ember component, she burst out into laughter for no reason. I was pissed off, but she soon stopped laughing and grabbed my money bag, then threw it back.

“Pay me later!”

She soon disappeared in the night.

Shocked, I stood there until the heavy rain completely soaked me .

September 3, Sunny

When I tried to dry my wet blanket from the leaked roof, that Disqualified girl leaped off the roof and walked blatantly to me.

I was frightened and immediately took her to the back of my house.

“Hey, old man! Look! Your Ember components!” She tried to lower her voice but I could still feel the joy in her words.

She tossed me a very full bag. My hands were shaking when I opened it. I saw all sorts of Ember components, both new and old. My heart was racing fast, and I had to act calm and picked the oldest one of them. Unlike those filthy rich guys in the church, I had no money to waste.

I counted my gold coins from my wallet, then the girl gladly whispered and jumped onto the walls, disappearing among the white bricks.

September 6, Sunny

After studying the Ember component for a few days, I had completely understood how it worked.

An “Ember component” was made from engraving fixed patterns on a thin piece of Ember Crystal. It was said that these gadgets could awaken and amplify the Ember power within Disqualified, and eventually turning it into a fancy “move”.

I carved a component named “Firebolt” and tried to feel it in my hand, but all I felt was a little warmth.

I improved the pattern and made some new Ember components.

Hope they can find their real owner.

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