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Throne and Liberty Release Date, Leaks, News, Features

Throne and Liberty: Unveiling the Mysteries

While the official release date for Throne and Liberty remains shrouded in mist, the kingdom whispers with rumors and speculations. Let's delve into the latest news, features, and leaks to keep you in the loop!

Release Date: A Glimpse Through the Fog

  • Official Statements: NCSOFT and Amazon Games haven't revealed an official release date. The closed beta in June 2023 suggests development is ongoing, and further testing might be planned.
  • Investment Report Hints: A Korean news report mentioned a Q1 2024 release within the Korean market, based on an investment securities report. However, this hasn't been officially confirmed.
  • YouTube Speculations: Some Youtube channels suggest delays due to internal testing and potential competition from other major game releases later in 2024.

Conclusion: While early to mid-2024 seems like a potential window, we must wait for an official announcement to pinpoint the exact date. Keep your eyes peeled on official channels for the latest updates.

Leaks and News: Whispers Across the Kingdom

  • Auto Path: Similar to many modern MMORPGs, Throne and Liberty is rumored to offer an auto path feature for convenient travel.
  • Magic Dolls: These mysterious companions might offer strategic gameplay elements, but their exact functionalities remain unclear.
  • Timetable Teasers: Leaks suggest NCSOFT might be testing internal timetables for a potential release, but again, official confirmation is crucial.

Features Unveiled: A Glimpse of the Throne

  • Open World Exploration: Traverse a vast and seamless world filled with diverse landscapes, from serene meadows to perilous mountains.
  • Action-Packed Combat: Engage in dynamic and skill-based combat, utilizing combos, parries, and unique class abilities.
  • Massive Siege Warfares: Prepare for epic clashes between guilds, conquering castles and claiming territory in large-scale battles.
  • Throne and Timetable: Ascend the throne through a unique political system, influencing kingdom decisions and shaping the game world.

Staying Informed: Heed the Royal Herald's Call

Remember, patience is key while we await the official unveiling. However, with the tantalizing glimpses of features and the whispers of news, the anticipation for Throne and Liberty's reign grows stronger by the day. Let's hope the gates to this exciting world open soon!

I'll keep you updated as soon as any official news about the release date or new features surfaces. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions about Throne and Liberty!

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Throne and Liberty Release Date

Unfortunately, an official release date for Throne and Liberty in Europe (or globally) has not been announced yet. While the Korean version launched on December 7th, 2023, Amazon Games, the publisher for the rest of the world, has remained silent on the specific date for its release.

However, there are some clues and hints that may help us narrow down the potential timeframe:

  • Game Awards 2023: During the Game Awards, Amazon Games showcased Throne and Liberty, suggesting an early 2024 release might be possible.
  • Closed Beta: A closed beta was held in North America and Europe in November 2023, indicating a potential launch not too far after.
  • Public Statements: Amazon Games hasn't explicitly denied an early 2024 release, keeping hope alive for European players.

Despite the lack of a concrete date, sources speculate that Throne and Liberty could potentially launch in Europe sometime between February and April 2024. However, it's important to remember this is just speculation and subject to change.

Here are some resources you can use to stay updated on the official release date:

I hope this information helps!

Throne and Liberty Release Date Europe

Throne and Liberty's release date for Europe, and all regions outside of Korea, remains unannounced. While the game launched in Korea on December 7th, 2023, a global release date is still a mystery.

However, several clues point towards a potential early 2024 release:

  • Amazon Games, the publisher for Europe and North America, has remained silent on an official release date. This suggests they are still working on polishing the game for a global launch.
  • The development team recently held a livestream on December 22nd, addressing player concerns and announcing new content for the Korean game. This could be a sign they are nearing the completion of a global version.
  • News outlets and community discussions speculate a release somewhere between February and April 2024. This timeframe seems plausible, allowing additional testing and localization for non-Korean audiences.

Here's what we can do in the meantime:

  • Follow official Throne and Liberty channels on social media and their website for any updates.
  • Join the game's community forums and discussions to stay informed about potential leaks and developments.
  • Keep an eye out for gaming news websites and channels that might cover any news about the global release date.

Remember, patience is key! While the wait might be frustrating, it hopefully signifies that Amazon Games is committed to delivering a polished and enjoyable experience for players worldwide.

I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about Throne and Liberty.

Throne and Liberty is a free-to-play MMORPG set in the vast world of Solisium, with a dynamic environment, Massive Scale PvPvE, and the ability to transform into creatures to battle across land, sea, and air. The release date of Throne and Liberty is 2024.

Throne and Liberty Is Delayed to 2024 in the West as NCSoft Makes Combat More Dynamic.

NCSoft confirmed during its quarterly earnings call that the MMORPG Throne and Liberty will launch in Q4 2023 in South Korea, while the Western release has been delayed to 2024.

The reason for the delay is to improve the combat system. Indeed, while Throne and Liberty was originally presented as a 'next-gen MMORPG' featuring dynamic time of day and weather that impacts the gameplay (when shooting a bow, the direction and strength of the wind affect the range, and if you use lightning-type magic when it rains, a skill that only attacks a single target when it is sunny is changed to a wide-area skill), the combat turned out to be a disappointment when players got their hands on a South Korean beta. The current version of combat was based on the tab target system seen in old MMORPGs like Everquest or World of Warcraft instead of more recent action based MMORPGs like Elder Scrolls Online or Black Desert Online. Moreover, it wasn't even possible to move while attacking, which led to a very static combat experience. This is being changed; here's the relevant quote transcribed by the South Korean website Inven.

Throne and Liberty Release Date

Release Date Description

The Throne and Liberty is coming soon. It was announced that the game will be released simultaneously on PC and Consoles, versions for Windows, Mac, PlayStation, PS5, Xbox and Steam are being prepared for release.

Throne and Liberty Release Date

Throne and Liberty is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that combines story-driven adventure and action combat. In Throne and Liberty, players enter a vast world with constantly shifting geographical and environmental features that change the course of play. Massive-scale player vs. player and player vs. environment combat are fundamental to Throne and Liberty. Players can transform into animals to soar through the air or explore the depths of the sea, and even tip the odds of battle in their favor by triggering powerful environmental effects, like solar eclipses or rainstorms.

NCSOFT and Amazon Games Reach Deal for Global Publishing of ‘Throne and Liberty’. With this agreement, Amazon Games has secured global publishing rights to bring THRONE AND LIBERTY to North America, South America, Europe, and Japan. NCSOFT will be in charge of publishing the game in other Asia territories, including Korea and Taiwan.

There are over 10 languages in Throne and Liberty. Currently, Amazon is translating the Game into different languages both in Text and in Voice. There is a large amount of work needing to do. The release date of this game is still unknown.

NCSOFT’s THRONE AND LIBERTY Announces Selected Players for the Upcoming Beta Test

The Beta Test in May will only be available to players residing in South Korea.

  • TL opens Beta Test to 10K players in total, where 5K successful applicants can invite one friend each.
  • Selected players can pre-download the game from May 18 and participate in the Beta from May 24 to 30.
  • NCSOFT operates TL-partnered PC Bangs in 11 cities nationwide to offer gameplay experience.
  • TL holds a range of events – including character customization, guild, and video contest – where players can participate and receive a handful of perks and gifts.

PANGYO, Korea (May 18, 2023) – NCSOFT, a global premier game developer and publisher, today announced the successful applicants of the upcoming Beta Test for THRONE AND LIBERTY (TL).

Applicants can visit the TLbrand website to check the selection results. The 5,000 selected beta testers will each receive a coupon to activate an invitation for an additional friend to join. The invitation code can be used throughout the entire test period. The Beta Test starts at 4 PM on May 24 and ends at midnight on May 30. Pre-download of the game is available from May 18.

For those players who have not been selected as the ‘Laslan Vanguard’, NCSOFT operates TL-partnered PC Bangs (Internet Cafes) in 11 cities across Korea where they can also participate in the test. The cities include Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Gangwon, Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju, Ulsan, Busan, Jeju, as well as Changwon – which is the hometown of NC Dinos. More information is available on the TLbrand website.

During the test period, players chosen as the ‘Laslan Vanguard’ can enjoy the game along with a range of events to receive various rewards, including graphics cards, keyboards, mobile gift vouchers, and in-game items. Here is the list of events:

Name Event Description
TL Self-Intro event It is for players to self-introduce their uniquely created characters.
Memory Cut event It offers players to capture the memories of TL in screenshots.
TL Video Contest event It is for players to record their TL gameplay.
Laslan Dream Team event It will offer special rewards according to guild levels.
Do you Know TL event It is a quiz event for players to participate in once a day.

For more information onTL’s Beta Test, please visit the official brand website:

Beta Test in Korea Release Date

  • Registration is open via the official website from May 2 to May 14
  • Beta Test takes place for a week – starting from May 24 to May 30 – offering a handful of events and opportunities to experience the game in advance.
  • PDMO and Producer said, “We aim to further advance and bring the game to perfection based on our players’ feedback through this Beta Test.”

Registration for the Beta Test will be available via TL’s official website from May 2 to May 14(Only in Korea). NCSOFT will later announce the selected applicants for the Beta Test.

The TL Beta Test runs for a week on PC, starting May 24 through May 30. All testers can enjoy various contents and events of TL in advance.

NCSOFT released a Beta Test Announcement video on TL’s official website and YouTube. Principal Development Management Officer (PDMO) Moonyoung Choi and Producer Jongok Ahn said, “Following the previous internal and small-scale tests, we aim to further advance and bring the game to perfection based on our players’ feedback through a Beta Test. We will reveal TL’s current build as is to our testers with confidence.”

TL is NCSOFT’s next-generation flagship MMORPG under development. The game demonstrates a seamless living world and dungeons that change depending on the weather condition and surrounding environments. It has an immersive narrative where the past, present, and future are connected. It also features a ‘Free Class’ system, where player roles are decided by the weapon of their choice. It offers a PvP (Player versus Player) combat system that allows players to determine whether they want to engage or not.

Throne and Liberty Patch Notes

Throne and Liberty is set to break the mold of traditional MMOs with its unique class system. Instead of choosing a specific class or role at the start of the game, players will be free to select any two weapons they wish and use them to access a variety of abilities.

Throne and Liberty


There's no 'right way' to play an MMORPG. Although the starting point may be the same for everyone, some begin their journeys simply to explore. Some create guilds and teams, striving to be the best. Some collect fortunes to get what they desire. And some simply enjoy gentle banter with other players. In this world, you can create your own legendary stories. That boundless freedom is why I love MMORPGs, and TL's world offers just that.

"Throne," from the title, symbolizes the battle community, with competitions and combat. The word "Liberty" symbolizes the freedom to seek out your own adventures in the vast game world. And finally, the joining word "and" calls to mind a place of unity, where the dividing walls of nationalities and generation gaps are meaningless.

Throne and Liberty Patch Notes

Throne and Liberty was made for everyone, with the motto "One for All, All for One" in mind.

The best platforms for players to enjoy TL on, in my opinion, would be PC and console. The moving experience that is unique to MMOs can't be felt on mobile, but it really comes alive on PC and console. Now, I would like to formally invite you to dive into the world of TL together with my team and me.

TL's Open World

The concept "Liberty" is one of the pillars of TL's world. Think of "Liberty" as the roots where people make countless connections which later blossom as the "Throne." It's this worldview that TL strives to bring to life.

Let's also talk about TL's world. The world is the core of the game from which all other elements stem. The world, which has no boundaries, is the foundation that allows players to connect with one another. It allows for endless ways to interact.

TL's Open World

Take for example an underground dungeon, with a separate entrance and main area. In it, there are multiple floors and spaces, but we have seamlessly connected all of these spaces together. Going directly to the lowest floor is possible. Aid can be given, or damage can be dealt to others on different floors. By connecting the interior, exterior, upper, and lower parts of the dungeon, we hope that players can share this spatial experience. Additionally, rather than just rushing through open fields, players can discover and forge their own routes through TL's varied, sometimes vertical terrain.

The reason why we connected the world into a single zone is that meeting others, constructing communities, and discovering who we are is the essence of an MMO. Players who begin the game together can later write history together, with countless memories and experiences made and shared. This is our vision.

Weather and Environment

Weather and environment have visual effects to augment the sense of reality. They breathe and live together with the players, like organic things themselves. This living world is all about adapting to the environment, and to the players who manage to do so, a diverse array of options become available.

throne and liberty Weather and environment

Depending on changes in the setting, terrain may feel different, and ecosystems may also undergo transformations. Intriguing events can occur due to these changes. According to the natural law of TL, such events will happen consistently with a certain likelihood. Players who understand this law can transform the environment.

Predictable things such as the day and night cycles, allow players to plan ahead. Unpredictable things, like turbulent weather and gusts of wind, require players to respond and adapt.

The environment is an essential part of creating small but impactful changes which imbue the world with a feeling of vitality and colorful ways to play.

Crafting the World's Story

We've also spent a substantial amount of time crafting the world's story. Ultimately, the stories in an MMO are about the history that you all create. That history becomes the legend of the game.

throne and liberty Crafting the world's story

However, worldbuilding and a background saga are also pivotal elements. Players see the connection among the past, the present, and the future, experiencing rich legacies and stories that transcend the boundaries of time. They get to know mythical figures and learn their heartfelt stories, through which they can better appreciate and experience the world of TL.

Combat, Free Class System, Weapons

Combat is the backbone of MMO games. Similar to TL's open world, as previously explained, our combat doesn't play out in a predictable way.

In TL, player roles are decided by the weapon the player chooses. Rather than being confined to a class set forth by the game, players can change weapons anytime to suit the situation.

Two different types of weapons can be combined, and switching between them allows players to maximize their strength. It also allows for strategies that can both target and cover potential weaknesses. When players face a crisis, each weapon type offers defensive actions to protect players if their timing is accurate.

Throne and Liberty Action Combat

Through the use of several features, players can micromanage the more subtle aspects of combat. Connecting skill sets of different weapons allows players to experience the joy of combining and configuring them. This is the Free Class system that TL is so proud of.


We tried to come up with PvP rules that allowed players to decide whether they want to participate or not. Most of TL's fields are safe zones.

Once competitions like regional events or boss raids begin, certain fields will become combat zones. Players can proactively choose to participate or not. No matter the area a player is in, they can check what events and competitions are upcoming, allowing them to strategize their gameplay and ensuring that there is no chance for players to fall into unexpected PvP situations.

Throne and Liberty PvP

TL's world is comprised of diverse and multifaceted areas, and competitions are based on the background stories of each region. For those regional events, all players in a certain region can participate.

Players will compete for approximately 20 minutes and fight to move up in rank.

Guild Wars

Let's take a look at guild wars. Within the fields of TL, there are two objects which can be acquired only by guilds: the Blessing Stone and the Dimension Stone. These two stones together are called the Possession Stones. The acquisition of the Possession Stones allows for enhanced guild capabilities as well as procurement of necessary raw materials. To get the stones, guilds will endure bloody battles.

Throne and Liberty Guild Wars

To maintain superiority in these fights, players must understand the terrain where the Possession Stones are located and take actions such as setting up a defensive perimeter or selecting the proper avenue of approach.

Creating coherent strategies is a must.

Platforms & Publisher

From the get-go, TL was developed to suit both PC and consoles. The UI and UX was crafted to suit each individual device type, and in addition, streaming play is possible on mobile. We want as many people as possible to enjoy TL, so we're launching it on several devices.

Throne and Liberty Platforms & Publisher

Localization into 12 languages was announced. In addition to Korean and English, Japanese (jp), Chinese (中文 – 繁體) and Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) are indirectly confirmed.

  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, Mac operating systems.
  • Mode: Multiplayer video game(MMO Game)
  • Genre: Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
  • Developer: NCSOFT
  • Publisher: NCSOFT
  • Series: Lineage
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Characters, AI Customization feature, Performance

On top of that, not only the world itself, but even the characters have been designed to meet the demands of worldwide players. NPCs boast precise and detailed facial expressions. You can even build a character based on an actual photo with the AI Customization feature. Additionally, players can personalize and change their character's appearance anytime during play.

Throne and Liberty AI Customization feature

TL was developed to be an MMO with countless numbers of players concurrently, so the TL staff has spent a tremendous amount of time on optimization. We promise that the game will run as smoothly as possible.

Memorial feature

TL's Memorial feature, which becomes customized according to player progress, is a type of dynamic content which opens up sequentially.

Throne and Liberty Memorial feature

Throne and Liberty Gameplay

Throne and Liberty Throne Liberty And

There is no certain path of your destiny

Everyone starts from the same beginning.

Some set off on epic travels,
even aiming for the pinnacle of the world,

some prefer to accumulate wealth,
while some simply enjoy the company of others.

A world purely your own.

This is the world we strive to bring to life.

There is no single conclusion

Combat is always engaging and challenging,
and there is never one path to victory.

In this world of possibility,
you can experiment with different weapons regardless of class.

Bosses, field events, guild battles, and more
require a new strategy every time.

You may be stronger in a group than alone,
but regardless, you can choose to venture forth as a lone wolf.

Wee Seek out this living, breathing world

A world which is vast, yet interconnected,
its ever-changing regions interacting with each other.

Both weather and environment
will transform your experience in profound ways.

The shape of the terrain
or the nature of its flora and fauna may change,
triggering new events to challenge you further.

You can study the ebb and flow of nature,
and adapt to your environment – or choose to fight against it.

A world to suit all play styles

Gameplay for everyone:

A multifaceted, in-depth MMORPG
for both PC and console.

Beautifully designed, engaging content
with global appeal in a multiplatform format.

We aimed to create a game that brings
excitement to as many people
in as many ways as possible.


I: Star Children
The book of Beginnings
II: Captain Davinci’s Resistance Army
1186 N.D.
III: Witch Calanthia’s Invasion
1192 A.N.
IV: Kazar Simosen of the Arkeum Legions
1194 A.N.
V: For the Freedom of Solisium

The Star of Silaves…

It is rumored that fragments of the Sealstone containing Silaves, God-

dess of Destruction,

were scattered around the world like stars after the stone was shattered.

Those born with the power of these “stars”

were called Star Children.

Revil Lupius seized the throne of Solisium

with the backing of the Arkeum Legions and started a brutal war.

Davinci Aron and the leaders of several guilds formed

the Allied Resistance Forces to stop the Arkeum Legions.

Meanwhile, the wizard Yan Junion was secretly protecting

the Star Children so they wouldn’t become exploited as tools of war.

Kazar, commander of the Arkeum Legions,

dispatched the witch Calanthia to the children’s island.

The island was destroyed due to the invasion of Calanthia and the

Arkeum Legions,

and Clay Carter evacuated the Star Children.

Kazar continued to pursue Silaves’s star fragments

to seize absolute power and satisfy his greater ambitions.

As time went by,

the Star Children grew up to become apprentice Resistance Army Soldiers.

Now, you must leave Whisp Island and head to Laslan

to develop the power of the stars and free Solisium from the Arkeum Legions.

Official Website

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  • Official Twitter. The latest news on the MMORPG #ThroneandLiberty from Ncsoft. Coming out in the first half of 2023 on PC, XBOX, PS5.