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The game features a “Free Class” system, where player roles are decided by the weapons of their choice. The only available playable race is human but players can transform into various land, sea, and siege animals/monsters..

Throne and Liberty All Classes

In Throne and Liberty, the developers decided to abandon the traditional character class system, giving players an independent choice of what role they want to play in the game, depending on the situation. This is accomplished by changing the character’s weapon. The Free Class system, which the developers are very proud of, will allow players to control the finer aspects of combat at the micro level, creating many combinations.

Players will be free to select any two weapons they wish and use them to access a variety of abilities. This allows for a high level of flexibility and customization in terms of playstyle, as players can mix and match different weapon combinations to suit their preferences. However, it’s important to note that each weapon will likely need to be leveled up individually in order to unlock more powerful abilities, so there is still a sense of progression and development in the game.

Throne and Liberty Classes

Overall, this departure from the traditional class system is sure to offer a fresh and exciting gameplay experience for players.

Throne and Liberty Races

You can currently only play as humans but you will be able to transform into various animal forms which are expected to function like mounts.

We play as humans, but in the universe there are elves and orcs. Your class depends on your choice: you can choose 2 weapons and upgrade them, you can change your choice at any time. There is no classic “holy trinity” in the game, the player creates a class for himself.

Throne and Liberty Race

The developers said you will also meet other races such as Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and a few more, but they won’t be available for character creation because the story focuses on humans.

Q. The story of transformation contents came out briefly. What is the racial composition of <TL>? The first thing that comes to mind is the races like humans, orcs, and elves that often appear in NC games.

Lee Mun-seop, general manager of planning: We only play as humans. However, there are various contents that will satisfy the desire for transformation. In addition to the transformation into the animal form shown in the video, there are many more. In fact, the giant monster in the siege scene was originally a player.

Han Gu-min, Narrative Director: In the case of animal transformation features, the functional aspect is large. In addition to fast movement and jumping over terrain, there is information that can only be learned when transformed. For example, if you transform into a bird, you can not only appreciate the surrounding environment from a bird's eye view, but also find out the distance from the boss and the location of the boss in a boss battle, which has great strategic use.

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Combat, Free Class System, Weapons

Combat is the backbone of MMO games. Similar to TL's open world, as previously explained, our combat doesn't play out in a predictable way.

In TL, player roles are decided by the weapon the player chooses. Rather than being confined to a class set forth by the game, players can change weapons anytime to suit the situation.

Two different types of weapons can be combined, and switching between them allows players to maximize their strength. It also allows for strategies that can both target and cover potential weaknesses. When players face a crisis, each weapon type offers defensive actions to protect players if their timing is accurate.

Throne and Liberty Action Combat

Through the use of several features, players can micromanage the more subtle aspects of combat. Connecting skill sets of different weapons allows players to experience the joy of combining and configuring them. This is the Free Class system that TL is so proud of.

Throne and Liberty Weapons

Your “Class” is based on your weapon choice. This operates very similarly to New World where you can have two weapon sets equipped. You can dual wield and mix/match weapon sets to make your own unique class, similar to GW2 or NW. You can level all weapons on one character which makes alts not necessary, similar to FFXIV or NW. The Trinity(Tank, Heal, DPS) seems very likely to be confirmed.

  • Weapon Choices affect your skills/class
  • Duel Wielding Confirmed
  • Can have two weapon sets equipped and swap between them

Combat seems to be fully TAB target, but has a lot of movement and action involved. Melee weapons cleave. The most skills I saw was 8 per weapon, so 16 total but it could be higher than that on a max level character. The max level I saw was 66, so the max is probably at least 70 or higher so we might have more skills at higher levels.

You can level all the weapons on one character if you want, which makes ALTs not necessary.

List of Throne and Liberty Weapons

Weapon Types seen so far, duel wielding and weapon swapping of two weapon sets is confirmed:

In Throne and Liberty, players’ roles and abilities are determined by the weapon they choose. The game does not restrict players to certain classes and allows them to switch weapons depending on the situation. Players can combine the two different types of weapons and switch between them to take advantage of their strengths and mitigate any weaknesses. Each weapon type also has defensive actions that can be used in critical situations.

# Why it became a classless game

Q. Now that we've talked about fostering, let's ask a more basic system question. Is there a traditional tank, damage, heal concept in <TL>'s job system?

Ahn Jong-ok PD: In group play, it is possible to discuss and share the roles of tank, deal, and heal, but there is no official class. Depending on your weapon choice, you can fight in the style you want. The longer the weapon is used, the more proficiency is accumulated and the related skill increases. Basically, you play while holding two weapons and swapping them, and depending on the weapon, the skill set also changes. The compatibility of my stats and weapons is also a factor to consider.

Han Gu-min, Narrative Director: Originally, there was a class, but we came to the conclusion that this greatly restricts the user's degree of freedom. As in existing MMOs, it is prevented from having to grow a character 'wrongly' and grow it again from the beginning, or to grow by following the same tight path.

Q. <Lineage 2M> also had the concept of having different jobs depending on the selected weapon, without a basic class. Instead, BM elements such as reinforcement and collection were added to the weapon system. Will this kind of mobile billing be tried on <TL>, a PC and console platform?

Ahn Jong-ok PD: <TL>'s weapons are not collectible. Rather, it is a device that opens up various paths the player wants to go. Let's take an example from an existing game. There were times when the basic play style of the class did not match his preference. For example, since I am raising a healer, my play style may differ from my expectations. In this case, I had to raise it as a new character from scratch.

We simply didn't like that format. So the idea was to make it possible to change the playstyle at any time. Since it started with that mindset, I didn't make it in a way that 'actually, you have to learn all weapons'. Pick two weapons you really like and you're done. Those two things alone can peak.

Q. To put it simply, is it your intention to grow 'bukkae' comfortably as you please, rather than making it as possible?

Ahn Jong-ok PD: Yes. I actually really dislike abuts. (Laughter) Of course, it's not about personal feelings...

Lee Mun-seop, head of planning: There was even talk of reducing the character slot to one. Although there is an objection that it should be reserved for ‘when I want to become someone else’, it has not been finalized.

Q. If there is no class, how do you set the direction for growth? Are stats directly distributed by users?

Lee Mun-seop, general manager of planning: It is a method of distribution by users. However, this also does not have to follow a set path. After thinking about the weapon combination I want to use, I'm supposed to think about how to distribute the stats within that framework.

It means that there is no formula for stats that are specific to each weapon. You can think about the stat distribution that can produce the maximum efficiency. There are various attack bonuses for each stat. Even for the same two-handed sword player, some people can invest in physical strength, others in skill stats.

Why the classless system? Can you Tank, Heal, DPS?

In group play, it is possible to play the Tank, Heal, or DPS roles. Weapons determine the abilities/class you are, and you level the weapon to get more proficient with that weapon/class. You can dual wield and mix/match weapons to get different ability combinations, and you can have two unique weapon sets and swap between them. (Similar to GW2 or NW)

This allows players to reroll a “class” more easily essentially.

How many character slots?

There is talk of only having one character slot since characters can level all the weapons if they want to reroll. But this is not confirmed.

Throne and Liberty