PoE Uber Bosses

Gear Grinding Goals: Complete any four of these encounters the specified number of times.

Defeat Uber Bosses

There are 7 uber Bosses fighting, accessible through Atlas Keystone Passives. These fights are extremely difficult, so only attempt them if you have a very powerful character. Six keystones create uber versions of Path of Exile's pinnacle boss fights: Venarius, Sirus, The Maven, The Searing Exarch, The Eater of Worlds and The Shaper and The Uber Elder.

Uber Pinnacle Boss Atlas Keystone Description Drops
Uber Venarius Memento Mori
  • The Cortex is level 85
  • Venarius' full power is unleashed in the Cortex
  • Venarius drops 3 additional Rare Items with 3 less common Synthesised Implicit Modifiers
  • 100% increased effect of Additional Modifiers in the Cortex
Uber Eater of Worlds Insatiable Appetite
  • The Absence of Symmetry and Harmony is level 85
  • The Eater of Worlds' full power is unleashed in The Absence of Symmetry and Harmony
  • The Eater of Worlds has a 25% chance to drop an additional Exceptional Eldritch Ichor
Forbidden Flesh
Uber Maven Throw the Gauntlet
  • The Absence of Mercy and Empathy is level 85
  • The Maven's full power is unleashed in The Absence of Mercy and Empathy
  • The Maven drops an Elevated Sextant
Awakened Empower Support
Awakened Enlighten Support
Awakened Enhance Support
Uber Searing Exarch Thirst for Knowledge
  • The Absence of Patience and Wisdom is level 85
  • The Searing Exarch's full power is unleashed in The Absence of Patience and Wisdom
  • Eldritch Currency Items dropped by The Searing Exarch have 50% chance to be Duplicated
Forbidden Flame
Uber Sirus The Perfect Storm
  • The Eye of the Storm is level 85
  • Sirus' full power is unleashed in The Eye of the Storm
  • Sirus has 20% chance to drop an Awakened Support Gem
Thread of Hope
Uber Shaper and Uber Uber Elder Cosmic Wounds
  • The Shaper's Realm is level 85
  • The Shaper's and The Elder's full power are unleashed in The Shaper's Realm
  • The Shaper and The Elder in The Shaper's Realm have 100% increased chance to drop an Orb of Dominance
Sublime Vision

Allocating one of these keystones on your Atlas passive tree ramps up the corresponding boss fight so that it is extremely difficult. Like, really hard. Harder than saying goodbye to Zana hard. Only allocate these keystones if your character is extremely powerful and you know you can handle the challenge. In general, the encounters' rules are modified to be far more punitive and difficult. In return, though, you can earn some very enticing rewards. Each of the uber fights has an additional high-chance reward and a chance of getting a very very rare chase reward. For example, the Uber Maven guarantees an Elevated Sextant if you're able to complete the encounter. Very rarely, you may be able to earn an Awakened Exceptional Support Gem as well such as Empower, Enlighten or Enhance.

These keystones unlock crazy battles that will challenge our most aspiring players who are deep in Path of Exile's endgame. They add a new level of difficulty for those who want to push their builds even farther than they ever have before.

Pinnacle Eldritch Bosses

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Seven Uber Bosses

The Uber Eater of Worlds, the Uber Searing Exarch, the Uber Maven, Uber Sirus, Uber Venarius, Uber Uber Elder, Uber Shaper.

Uber Pinnacle Boss Fights

Immortalise Yourself: uber pinnacle bosse killing event

Alongside the launch of Path of Exile: Sentinel, we're hosting an event where players will compete in the Hardcore Solo Self-Found Sentinel league to be the first to kill the new uber pinnacle bosses. Winners will immortalise themselves forever by designing an endgame unique item or divination card that will be added to Path of Exile in August's 3.19 expansion.

uber pinnacle bosse killing event


Uniques Notes
The Burden of Truth The Burden of Truth Crystal Belt

「Sirus, Awakener of Worlds」Limited Drop.

Echoes of Creation Echoes of Creation Royal Burgonet

「The Shaper」Limited Drop.

The Eternal Struggle The Eternal Struggle Onyx Amulet

「The Black Star」Limited Drop. 「The Infinite Hunger」Limited Drop.

Call of the Void Call of the Void Sapphire Ring

「Uber Elder」Limited Drop.

Impossible Escape Impossible Escape Sapphire Ring

「The Maven」Limited Drop.

Sublime Vision Sublime Vision Prismatic Jewel

「Uber Shaper」Limited Drop.

Awakened Empower Support Awakened Empower Support  
Awakened Enhance Support Awakened Enhance Support  
Awakened Enlighten Support Awakened Enlighten Support  
Thread of Hope Thread of Hope  
Forbidden Flame Forbidden Flame  
Forbidden Flesh Forbidden Flesh  

Sentinel Boss Kill Event

To celebrate the launch of Sentinel, we're hosting a Boss Kill Event where Path of Exile players can compete to kill the new Uber Pinnacle Bosses in Sentinel HC SSF mode. We have put together a prize pool that gives the winners the opportunity to collaborate with our design team to create new Unique Items and Divination cards that will be added to Path of Exile.
Prizes are awarded to the first seven players who complete all seven Uber Pinnacle Boss Encounters:

  • The Uber Eater of Worlds
  • The Uber Searing Exarch
  • The Uber Maven
  • Uber Sirus
  • Uber Venarius
  • Uber Uber Elder
  • Uber Shaper
This event runs during the Sentinel HC SSF league, starting on May 13 (PDT), until each prize has been won.

Prizes for Top Placings - PC:

  • 1st-7th Place: Collaborate on the design of a Unique Item that will drop from one of the Uber Pinnacle Encounters of your choice, and collaborate on the design of a Divination Card.
The winners will pick which encounter their Unique drops from in the order of their placing (so first place gets first pick, etc). Each encounter will receive one Unique item as a result of this competition.

All of the above prize winners will also receive the Godslayer's Pride microtransaction amulet.

Prizes - Console (both Xbox and Playstation have separate prize pools):

  • 1st Place: Collaborate on the design of a Divination Card, and receive a Godslayer's Pride microtransaction.
  • 2nd-5th Place: Receive a Godslayer's Pride microtransaction.
Due to HC SSF player populations on Console realms, the competition will run in the equivalent SC SSF (non-HC) Sentinel league for Console players.

Additional Rules:

  • If there are operational problems with the event (like significant realm stability issues at launch), Grinding Gear Games may restart the event at any point. The way we will do this is to create a new event league and indicate that players who wish to compete in the new event must make new characters there.
  • Players who migrate from a private league to the event league during the event are ineligible for prizes.
  • Placings and prize eligibility are entirely at the discretion of Grinding Gear Games.
  • The prizes that consist of collaborating on the design of a Divination Card or Unique Item do not guarantee that the item will turn out exactly how you want. The design team will try to accommodate your suggestions as best as they can, but the final design is at their discretion. Because these Unique Items are likely to become chase content, it's critical that they fit the overall design vision of Path of Exile.
  • While the event being SSF reduces a lot of scope for outside help, any form of account sharing (or other breaches of the Terms of Use) will disqualify a player from receiving prizes.
  • Grinding Gear Games Employees (past or present) are not eligible for prizes.
  • Players who have played on the Alpha realm since May 5, 2022 (when the expansion was first deployed) are not eligible for prizes.
  • Dying or migrating your character out of the league doesn't remove prize eligibility as long as the kill occurred while in the league.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred. Only the person who completed the achievements in the event can collaborate on Unique Item and Divination Card designs. It's fine for these people to seek advice and help from other community members with their design.
Good luck in the event!

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