PoE Act 9 Map Guide, Walkthrough, Waypoint

Act nine is Path of Exile’s ninth storyline act, and the fourth act of Part Two. In this act, the exile returns to Highgate, whose waters run red with the blood of the slain Beast. Sin’s plan for defeating Kitava involves waking a Dark Ember from the corpse of the Beast, as it was the Beast that kept the gods sleeping over the eons. Like elsewhere, one of Highgate’s residents has been enthralled by a god. Here it is Kira, who has kidnapped Oyun as a sacrifice to Garukhan. In the power vacuum that follows, Irasha and Tasuni vie for leadership. Act 9 covers monster levels 61-64.

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Act 9 Town: Highgate

Highgate (Act 9) is the town for Act 9 and is connected to The Blood Aqueduct and The Descent. Like all towns, it has a Stash/Guild Stash, Noticeboard, Event Noticeboard, and Waypoint.

NPCs: Petarus and Vanja (jewelry, flask, and gem vendor), Irasha (weapon and armour vendor), Tasuni (trades divination cards), Sin.

Master:: Jun, Veiled Master

Act 9 Map

Act 9 Map

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Act 9 Fast Leveling Guide

  1. The Blood Aqueduct - Tag WP - Go to Highgate
  2. Highgate - Go to Descent (top-right exit of Town)
  3. Descent - Go to Supply Hoist (twice) - Go to Vastiri Desert
  4. The Vastiri Desert - Tag WP - Open Storm-Weathered Chest - Kill Monsters - Pick up Storm Blade - TP to Town
  5. Town - Talk to NPCs for Bottled Storm - TP to Vastiri Dessert
  6. Vastiri Dessert - Go to Oasis (up/right)
  7. Oasis - Go to The Sand Pit - Kill Shakari - TP to Town - WP to Vastiri Dessert
  8. Vastiri Dessert - Go to Foothills (up/left)
  9. The Foothills - Tag WP (up) - Go to Boiling Lake (up/right from WP)
  10. The Boiling Lake - Kill Basilisk - Take Basilisk Acid - TP to Town
  11. Town - WP to Foothills
  12. Foothills - Go to Tunnel (top/left)
  13. Tunnel - Tag WP - Once per league:Solve Trial (before the WP) - Go to Quarry
  14. Quarry - Tag WP - Go to Shrine of the Winds (top right/top left) - Kill Garukhan and Kira - Take Sekhema Feather - Go to Refinery (top right/top left)
  15. The Refinery - Kill General Adus - Take Trarthan Powder - TP to Town
  16. Town - Talk to NPCs - WP to Quarry
  17. Quarry - Talk to Sin - Go to Belly of the Beast
  18. Belly of the Beast - Go to Rotting Core
  19. The Rotting Core - Go to Black Heart
  20. Black Heart - Enter the Portals and kill Deodre, Maligaro and Shavronne - Kill Depraved Trinity - Sail to Act X

Act 9 Progression Guide

The Blood Aqueduct 
61 Active Waypoint
Town Hub
The Descent 
The Vastiri Desert 
61 Active Waypoint
The Oasis 
The Foothills 
62 Active Waypoint
The Boiling Lake 
The Tunnel 
62 Active Waypoint
The Quarry 
63 Active Waypoint
The Refinery 
The Belly of the Beast 
The Rotting Core 

Act 9 Waypoint Guide

Waypoint Area Level
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Blood Aqueduct 61
No No WaypointThe Descent 61
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Vastiri Desert 61
No No WaypointThe Oasis 61
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Foothills 62
No No WaypointThe Boiling Lake 62
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Tunnel 62
No No WaypointThe Belly of the Beast 63
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Quarry 63
No No WaypointThe Refinery 63
No No WaypointThe Rotting Core 64
Town Town HubHighgate 67

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