How to Get MUTcoins 21 in Auction House

It takes a lot of time, skills and money to find success on the Madden ultimate team. Or money. If you don’t use the latter and choose not to spend more money playing games, it’s hard to make coins, but it’s an easy way to make a lot of money.

Many mut players may have heard of sniping at auction houses, and many may have looked too complicated. However, it’s easy for anyone to do, and you can draw an unlimited number of coins over time, which is a very safe choice.

What is Auction House?

The concept is simple: you search the auction house for players whose price is lower than their average market price, buy them, and then immediately sell them at a price higher or slightly higher than the market price.

Auction houses are huge, and it’s usually a hassle for players to find the cheapest card, so they will buy the card that pops up the fastest or is not too expensive. Snipers take advantage of this.

Profits may not be big, but by spending enough time to make money, all the small profits add up to really increase your madden coins.

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How Can I get MUT Coins with Auction House?

Where you start depends on how many coins you have. The more coins you have, the more money you can make by targeting more expensive cards.

Either way, you first need to narrow the scope of the “auction house” to the group of players you want to focus on.

Using the filter, you need to select a specific set of players, such as the 80-81 ovr core elite card, and then sort them by “buy now price.”. Then, you can find the best deal through the team.

For example, you are looking for a player who sells about 6000 coins, but there is a version that can sell 4000 coins. You buy a cheap player and then re list it in 6000 coins. After tax, the example will bring you a profit of 1400 coins.

After setting up the filter, you need to continue refreshing it. To do this, simply select “type” in the filter and then “all players” and the list will refresh. If there is no agreement, please continue to do so.

It’s that simple.

A few Tips related MUT Coins

It’s simple, but here are some useful tips to help you make the most of your time.

Which cards to locate

Sniping works best when many of the same cards are available. Therefore, the best time to block is to package and release the new card.

For example, after the new NFL 100 card is released into the packaging, as people buy the packaging of these players, you will find 86 packages of ovr versions in AH . People naturally want to sell their surplus items, so list them at a certain price in order to sell them quickly – that’s what you want to use.

If you are targeting cards, the more cards you have available, the more likely you are to find cheap ones to sell.

In addition, because they are brand new cards, this is the best time for them to sell. This is the golden time for sniping.


We haven’t even had a Madden year, we have a lot of filters. Knowing where to start can be a bit overwhelming. These are some of the filters that I think are successful.

NFL 100: quality – 85-86, program – NFL 100 – this filter is ideal for releasing new NFL 100 players. You can even filter further by team to really narrow your search and determine which players were particularly popular at the time.

Power on: quality – any, program – power on, location – cycle – this filter is a good choice when your initial budget is small. There are always a lot of power cards that you can further classify by position and / or team to really narrow your options for the best deal.

Totw: quality – any, program – totw – like NFL 100, is best used at the time of release. On Tuesday, when a new totw card falls, find out who made the week’s totw and screen based on their team and position. Many of the lower overall participants will be in the auction house, and you can get a small profit from all of them.


Muthread will be your greatest help.

On the site, you can track the price of each card, see which cards are adding value or losing money, and make decisions based on it. If the price of a card soars, jump on it and filter it. You will make a cent.

In addition, you can use the site to see the average price per player. First of all, it really helps you understand whether players are suitable for buying and selling stocks.

Stay Hot

Sometimes, you’ll spend a while looping through the filter, but with bad luck, that’s good. At other times, you’ll find a transaction that keeps generating transactions. If so, please continue!

If you find a cheap player that refreshes the filter every 5-10 times, stay there and make the most of it. This means that the card is peaking and you should use it there.

Be patient.

Although the profit seems small, it is actually insignificant, but patience and persistence are crucial and will pay off. As you do more, your discount mut coins reserves start to stay in the thousands, and you can target the higher total players that have been released.

The more coins you accumulate, the longer you can snoop at any given time. This means that each sniper phase will bring in more coins, and the cycle will repeat until you accumulate a lot of coins.

Hurry up

When it comes to the best deals, you have to be quick. Many people spend a lot of time sniping, so if you’re using a hot filter, you need to be as quick as lightning when snapping up the cheapest player.

Spend more time sniping, refresh AH and buy player faster.

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