PoE Act 10 Map Guide, Walkthrough, Waypoint

Act ten is Path of Exile’s tenth storyline act, and the fifth act of Part Two. In this act, the exile returns to Oriath, courtesy of Lilly Roth (gem vendor), to kill [Kitava]] once and for all. Landing on the docks, the exile is greeted by Lani , who tells a harrowing tale of escape from the Overseer’s Tower after Vilenta betrays her and Bannon . The exile must find Bannon , awake Innocence and kill Kitava. Act 10 covers monster levels 64-67.

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Act 10 Town: Oriath Docks

Oriath Docks is the town for Act 10 and is connected to The Rotting Core and The Cathedral Rooftop. Like all towns, it has a Stash/Guild Stash, Noticeboard, Event noticeboard and Waypoint.

NPCs: Lani (jewelry and flask vendor), Weylam Roth (weapon and armour vendor), Lilly Roth (gem vendor), Sin, Bannon, Innocence.

Act 10 Map

Act 10 Map

Note: in Act 10, The Ruined Square is replaced by The Ravaged Square.

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Act 10 Progression Guide

Oriath Docks 
Town Hub
The Cathedral Rooftop 
The Reliquary 
67 Active Waypoint
The Ravaged Square 
64 Active Waypoint
The Ossuary 
The Control Blocks 
66 Active Waypoint
The Torched Courts 
The Canals 
The Desecrated Chambers 
65 Active Waypoint
The Feeding Trough 

Act 10 Waypoint Guide

Waypoint Area Level
No No WaypointThe Cathedral Rooftop 64
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Ravaged Square 64
No No WaypointThe Torched Courts 65
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Desecrated Chambers 65
No No WaypointThe Canals 66
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Control Blocks 66
No No WaypointThe Feeding Trough 67
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Reliquary 67
No No WaypointThe Ossuary 67
Town Town HubOriath Docks 69

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