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Act 1 is Path of Exile’s first storyline act, taking place on the shores of Wraeclast. In this act, the exile washes up and makes to a settlement before pushing on to discover what lies beyond. This includes Axiom Prison, where Brutus guards, and Siren’s Cove, where Merveil lures sailors to their deaths. Act 1 covers monster levels 1–13.

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Act 1 Town: Lioneye’s Watch

Lioneye’s Watch is the town for Act 1 and is connected to The Twilight Strand and The Coast. Like all towns, it has a Stash/Guild Stash, Noticeboard, Event noticeboard and Waypoint.

NPCs: Nessa (jewelry, flask, and gem vendor), Tarkleigh (weapon and armour vendor), Bestel

Act 1 Map

Act 1 Map

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Act 1 Fast Leveling Guide

  1. Twilight Strand - Kill Hillock - Go to Town
  2. Town - Talk to NPCs - Go to Coast
  3. Coast - Tag WP - Go to Tidal Island
  4. Tidal Island - (Kill Hailrake for Quicksilver Flask Reward - TP to town and claim reward) - WP/Go to Coast
  5. Coast - Go to Mud Flats
  6. Mud Flats - Get Roseus Glyph, Ammonite Glyph and Haliotis Glyph from Rhoa Nests - Activate Strange Glyph Wall - Go to Submerged Passage
  7. Submerged Passage - Tag WP - Go to Flooded Depths
  8. The Flooded Depths - Kill Dweller of the Deep - TP to town
  9. Town - Talk to NPCs - WP to Submerged Passage
  10. Submerged Passage - Go to Ledge
  11. Ledge - Tag WP - Go to Climb
  12. The Climb - Kill Faun to unlock Navali - Go to Lower Prison
  13. Lower Prison - Once per league:Complete Trial - Go to Upper Prison
  14. Upper Prison - Go to Warden's Quarters
  15. Warden's Quarters - Follow Blood to Warden's Chambers
  16. Warden's Chambers - Kill Brutus - Go to Prisoner's Gate
  17. Prisoner's Gate - Tag WP - Go to Town
  18. Town - Talk to NPCs - WP to Prisoner's Gate
  19. Prisoner's Gate - Go to Ship Graveyard
  20. Ship Graveyard - Tag WP - Go to Ship Graveyard Cave
  21. Ship Graveyard Cave - Pick up Allflame - Exit Cave
  22. Ship Graveyard - Kill Fairgraves - TP to Town
  23. Town - Talk to NPCs - WP to Ship Graveyard
  24. Ship Graveyard - Go to Cavern of Wrath
  25. Cavern of Wrath - Tag WP - Go to Cavern of Anger
  26. Cavern of Anger - Go to Merveil's Lair
  27. Merveil's Lair - Kill Merveil and Merveil, the Twisted - Go to Act II

Act 1 Changes 3.15

  • Rebalanced various monsters found throughout Act One to make them more dangerous. Note, the balance changes made to Act One Bosses and monsters also apply to their Endgame Map versions.
  • Monster life has been increased by roughly 46% at level 1, tapering down to the same amount of life at level 84. Some bosses and monsters in Act 1, such as Hillock and Oozeback have had their life reduced to partially counteract this change.
  • Monster pack size has been buffed in the later areas of Act One and slightly reduced in the Coast.
  • A new monster type named 'Cell Crawlers' have been added to the Lower and Upper Prison.
  • A new monster type named 'Ghouls' have been added to the Lower and Upper Prison.
  • Tar Zombies have been added to The Ship Graveyard and The Ship Graveyard Cave.
  • Kelp, Nimble, Coconut, Spider Crabs and Squids have been added to The Cavern of Wrath.
  • Parasitic Squid have been added to The Cavern of Anger.
  • Brutus has taken the time to renovate his arena.
  • Various effects improvements have been made to monsters and bosses throughout Act One.
  • Various audio improvements have been made to monsters and bosses throughout Act One.

PoE Waypoints Guides

Wraeclast is pretty big, and is full of places you'll want to visit and revisit. To help you get around, the land is dotted with 'Waypoints' which let you quickly travel to destinations you have previously visited. To use a waypoint, activate it and select where you would like to travel. You can only travel to waypoints you've activated previously, so it is always worth activating new waypoints when you come across them.

PoE Waypoints Guides

Selecting a quest icon on the World Panel will display a path to the next step of the quest

The World Panel

When you click on a waypoint, the panel that pops up is called the World Panel. It doesn't just show your waypoints, however; It also displays every area you have previously visited, as well as some connected areas you haven't been to yet. Your quests are listed below the map, and by selecting one you can highlight the path that you need to follow to complete it.

Because areas in Path of Exile have varying degrees of random generation, you may not always recognize the layout of an area, even if you've been there several times. The minimap or map overlay may also be different and will need to be revealed again. This may take some getting used to, but it means no two playthroughs are exactly the same.

Act 1 Progression Walkthrough

The Twilight Strand
Lioneye's Watch
Town Hub
The Coast
Active Waypoint
The Tidal Island
The Mud Flats
The Fetid Pool
The Submerged Passage
Active Waypoint
The Flooded Depths
The Ledge
Active Waypoint
The Climb
Active Waypoint
The Lower Prison
Active Waypoint
The Upper Prison
Prisoner's Gate
10 Active Waypoint
The Ship Graveyard
11 Active Waypoint
The Ship Graveyard Cave
The Cavern of Wrath
12 Active Waypoint
The Cavern of Anger

Act 1 Waypoints Guide

Waypoint Area Level
No No WaypointThe Twilight Strand 1
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Coast 2
No No WaypointThe Tidal Island 3
No No WaypointThe Mud Flats 4
No No WaypointThe Fetid Pool 5
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Submerged Passage 5
No No WaypointThe Flooded Depths 6
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Ledge 6
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Climb 7
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Lower Prison 8
No No WaypointThe Upper Prison 9
Waypoint Active WaypointPrisoner's Gate 10
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Ship Graveyard 11
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Cavern of Wrath 12
No No WaypointThe Ship Graveyard Cave 12
No No WaypointThe Cavern of Anger 13
Town Town HubLioneye's Watch 13

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