PoE Act 6 Map Guide, Walkthrough, Waypoint

Act Six is Path of Exile’s sixth storyline act, and the start of Part Two. After failing to prevent the reawakening of Kitava, the exile has fled Oriath and now returns to the relative safety of Wraeclast. The exile relies on the guidance of divine Sin, who initially suggests claiming Shavronne’s soul from Axiom Prison. While they reencounter some familiar faces along the way, the exile must also confront a reawakened Karui god and finally go in search of The Brine King. Act 6 covers monster levels 45-50.

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Act 6 Town: Lioneye’s Watch

Lioneye’s Watch is the town for Act 6 and is connected to The Twilight Strand and The Coast. Like all towns, it has a Stash/Guild Stash, Noticeboard, Event noticeboard and Waypoint.

NPCs: Lilly Roth (gem vendor), Tarkleigh (weapon and armour vendor), Bestel (magic and potion vendor), Sin.

Act 6 Map

Act 6 Map

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Act 6 Progression Guide

The Twilight Strand
Lioneye's Watch
Town Hub
The Coast
45 Active Waypoint
The Tidal Island
The Mud Flats
The Karui Fortress
The Ridge
46 Active Waypoint
The Lower Prison
47 Active Waypoint
Shavronne's Tower
Prisoner's Gate
47 Active Waypoint
The Western Forest
48 Active Waypoint
The Riverways
48 Active Waypoint
The Wetlands
The Southern Forest
49 Active Waypoint
The Cavern of Anger
The Beacon
49 Active Waypoint
The Brine King's Reef
50 Active Waypoint

Act 6 Waypoint Guide

Waypoint Area Level
No No WaypointThe Twilight Strand 45
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Coast 45
No No WaypointThe Tidal Island 45
No No WaypointThe Mud Flats 46
No No WaypointThe Karui Fortress 46
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Ridge 46
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Lower Prison 47
No No WaypointShavronne's Tower 47
Waypoint Active WaypointPrisoner's Gate 47
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Riverways 48
No No WaypointThe Wetlands 48
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Western Forest 48
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Southern Forest 49
No No WaypointThe Cavern of Anger 49
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Beacon 49
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Brine King's Reef 50
Town Town HubLioneye's Watch 50

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