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Act 2 is the second storyline of the Path of Exile. In this act, players were driven further inland. In the forests, rivers, and caves, a group of bandits built solid camps and extorted food and supplies from a small village while challenging each other. In the north, an ancient Vaal spirit is stirring in the dark. Act 2 covers monster levels 13–23.

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Act 2 Town: The Forest Encampment

The Forest Encampment is the town for Act 2 and is connected to The Southern Forest, The Riverways, and The Old Fields. Like all towns, it has a Stash, Noticeboard, and Waypoint.

NPCs: Yeena (jewelry, flask, and gem vendor), Greust (weapon and armour vendor), Eramir (Only appears after completing Intruders in Black), Silk, Helena

Master:: Einhar, Beastmaster

Act 2 Full Map

Act 2 Map

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Act 2 Fast Leveling Guide

  1. Southern Forest - Go to Town
  2. Town - Go to Old Fields (top-right exit from town)
  3. Old Fields - (Enter the Den and kill the Great White Beast for Quicksilver Reward) - Go to Crossroads
  4. Crossroads - Tag WP (follow road) - Go up/left to Chamber of Sins
  5. Chamber of Sins Level 1 - Tag WP (center) - Go to Chamber of Sins Level 2 (direction of WP)
  6. Chamber of Sins Level 2 - Once per league:Solve Trail - Kill Fidelitas - Take Baleful Gem - TP to Town
  7. Town - Talk to NPCs (for Heralds) - WP to Crossroads
  8. Crossroads - Go up/right to Broken Bridge
  9. Broken Bridge - Tag WP (follow road) - Kill Kraityn - Take Kraityn's Amulet - TP to town
  10. Once per league:Town - WP to Crossroads - Go to Fellshrine Ruins (right/down) - Go to The Crypt Level 1 - Solve Trial - TP to Town
  11. Town - Go to Riverways (bottom-left exit from town)
  12. Riverways - Tag WP (follow broken road) - Go to Western Forest (down)
  13. Western Forest - Tag WP (follow road) - Kill or Save Alira (left/top from WP) - (Take Alira's Amulet if you killed her)
  14. Western Forest - Kill Captain Arteri (end of road) - Take Thaumetic Emblem - Open Thaumetic Seal - Go to Weaver's Chamber (other side than Alira)
  15. The Weaver's Chambers - Go to Weaver's Nest
  16. Weaver's Nest - Kill Weaver - Take Maligaro's Spike - TP to Town
  17. Town - Talk to NPCs - WP to Act I town (Lioneye’s Watch) - Talk to Bestel for skill point - WP to Riverways
  18. Riverways - Go to Wetlands (up/left)
  19. Wetlands - Kill Oak (middle) - Take Oak's Amulet - Remove Tree Roots - Go to Vaal Ruins
  20. Vaal Ruins - Activate Ancient Seal - Go to Northern Forest
  21. Northern Forest - Tag WP (top) - TP to Town - Talk to Eremir or Alira for The Apex - WP to Northern Forest - Go to Caverns (top)
  22. Caverns - Tag WP - Go to Ancient Pyramid
  23. Ancient Pyramid - Go to Pyramid Apex
  24. The Apex - Activate Dark Altar - Kill Vaal Oversoul - Go to Act III

Act 2 Changes 3.17

Improve the behaviour of most Act 2 monsters, raise the life of some weaker Act 2 monsters and add new monster varieties to some Act 2 areas.

  • Adjusted the life and damage of various Monsters found throughout Act 2.
  • New Monster types have been added throughout Act 2: Spriggans, Wasps, Undead Vaal, Scuttlers, and Salvagers.

Act 2 Progression

Chamber of Sins Level 2
The Southern Forest
13 Active Waypoint
Chamber of Sins Level 1
15 Active Waypoint
The Forest Encampment
Active Waypoint
The Old Fields
The Crossroads
15 Active Waypoint
The Broken Bridge
16 Active Waypoint
The Western Forest
17 Active Waypoint
The Riverways
15 Active Waypoint
The Den
The Fellshrine Ruins
Weaver’s Chambers
The Wetlands
19 Active Waypoint
The Crypt Level 1
17 Active Waypoint
Vaal Ruins
The Crypt Level 2
Northern Forest
21 Active Waypoint
The Dread Thicket
The Caverns
22 Active Waypoint
Ancient Pyramid

Act 2 Guide

Waypoint Area Level
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Southern Forest 13
No No WaypointThe Old Fields 14
No No WaypointThe Den 15
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Crossroads 15
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Chamber of Sins Level 1 15
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Riverways 15
No No WaypointThe Fellshrine Ruins 16
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Broken Bridge 16
No No WaypointThe Chamber of Sins Level 2 16
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Crypt Level 1 17
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Western Forest 17
No No WaypointThe Weaver’s Chambers 18
No No WaypointThe Crypt Level 2 18
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Wetlands 19
No No WaypointThe Vaal Ruins 20
No No WaypointThe Dread Thicket 21
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Northern Forest 21
Waypoint Active WaypointThe Caverns 22
No No WaypointThe Ancient Pyramid 23
Town Town HubThe Forest Encampment 23

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