Choose the best profession to earn wow gold classic

If you speed to level 60, skinning is the best profession. It allows you to peel the skin of the things you kill and sell money for level 40 mounts.

Due to the needs of consumables, herbs are the best way to raise money.

mining is a good profession for earning wow classic gold in the early game.

Choose the best profession to earn wow gold classic

 Skinning is a self-service profession, most of your gold will be sold to the British, and the British need it to reach the British and British levels.

The best way to make money other than vanilla herbs is to find a product on AH that is in high demand and unmet. For example, element/essence cultivation from elements is a great way to make money. It will also enter alchemy because people need to resist cans and vanilla consumption.

Or you can ask Susan for gold. Enjoy your ban. I expect that for those who buy gold, we will have a huge wave of bans. The reason is simply that gold is not difficult, but it is more tedious in terms of vanilla.

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