Enjoy the plasure of making currency

Farming is one of the most common ways to make Poe money, which means players need to constantly complete tasks and get rewards. Although most repeats, it is possible to get rare.

In addition, you can sell some necessary resources in exchange for POE currency, which can also temporarily relieve your economic pressure.

You should have fun playing this game, but if you want to get a small amount of Poe currency through it, you will have a hard time getting rid of the difficulty of making currency.

Or, trading with others is a good way to make Poe money, but it’s a little Tingyin. Because it still takes a lot of time, and it doesn’t always happen without enough inventory. There are not many effective ways for you to use it, but if you can log in to Poe and play for a few hours a day, you will never get paid. In any case, enjoy your adventure throughout your exile.

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