Singular Incubator – PoE Unique Item

Singular Incubator Singular Incubator is an incubator. Incubator is a new item class introduced in the legion league. They are PoE currency items which can be applied to a piece of equipment to guarantee an item drop of a specific type after the specified amount of monsters has been killed. Each equipment can incubate one item at a time.

How to use Singular Incubator?

Right click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters.

Singular Incubator

PoE Singular Incubator Effects

Adds an incubated unique item to an equippable item

Item drops after killing 970 monsters

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Incubation Effect: Unique Item

unique item is an item with a specific name, unique artwork, and a predetermined list of modifiers. Unique items have the same implicit modifieras a normal item of the same type.

Unique items are meant to be less powerful overall than high-level rare items, but offer unique gameplay and allow special character builds to be based around them.

Currently there are 913 released unique items, including maps and items with modifier variants. For a timeline when each unique item was added, see the timeline of unique items

PoE Unique item types

Obtaining a unique item

  • World drops. Unique items can be found as random drops just the same as any other item. Normal monsters drop items with an item level equal to the monster level, magic monsters drop items with item level at monster level +1, rare/unique monsters drop items with item level at monster level +2.
For example: If a unique item has a base level of 50 that means it can be dropped by normal/magic/rare/unique monsters in level 50+ zones, dropped by magic/rare/unique monsters in level 49 zones, and dropped by Rare/Unique monsters in level 48 zones.
The actual drop rates of unique items are unpublished and can change. The only official public comment regarding drop rates was:

Chris — “[We have] stratified the drop rates of Unique items so that some of them are more common (especially build-enabling ones), and powerful ones are still extremely rare. The drop rates of unique items are no longer proportional to their item type. A common unique ring is now as likely to drop as a common Unique weapon.”

  • Orb of Chance Orb of Chance. There is a very small chance of upgrading a normal item into a unique of the same base type when using an Orb of Chance Orb of Chance. For example if you want the Andvariusunique ring then you should use an Orb of Chance Orb of Chance on a Gold Ring of normal rarity. Certain uniques are league-specific and will require being on a map with mods from Zana’s map device for this method to work.
  • Vaal Orb Vaal Orb. Certain jewels (click here for a list) and some equipment (like Blood of Corruption Blood of Corruption) can only be created by corrupting another item. The original item will be lost in the process.
  • Prophecies. Many prophecies exist that reward uniques, many of them a specific unique item which requires you to hunt down a certain monster and kill it. Others reward you with a random unique, such as The Mysterious Gift, which requires you to trade in five uniques to a vendor.
  • Vendor recipes. Some unique items can only be produced by using a certain vendor recipe. Orb of Chance Orb of Chance does not work, and they can’t be dropped. The item level of the produced unique will be equal to the lowest ilvl of the components of the recipe. See here for a list of such items.
  • Upgrading. Some unique items can be upgraded to a superior version. See fated items and blessed items for more information.
  • Divination cards. Sets of divination cards may have a unique item as their reward. These can be drop-restricted items that are otherwise not available.
  • Master vendor. Sometimes, a level 8 master will sell a unique item in his/her shop for a relatively low price. This will usually be a common unique item, but it may be rare as well. Cloak of Tawm’r Isley can only be obtained from a master.
  • Event prizes. Occasionally, unique items are offered as top tier prizes in special event competitions. Please note that not all events offer unique items as prizes.

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