PoE Heist Uniques, 3.12 New Uniques Items

PoE Heist added 28 new Unique items, including one designed by a supporter.
Added 90 new Replica unique items, which are twists on existing Unique items. These can only be obtained through Heists.

List of Heist Uniques(28 new)

Heist Uniques Requires Implicit Mods Category Stats Image
Butcher Axe
Requires Level 63, 149 Str, 76 Dex
  • Physical Damage: 56.4–104.4
  • Critical Strike Chance: 5.00%
  • Attacks per Second: 1.30
  • Weapon Range: 11
One Handed Axe
  • Has no Sockets
  • 235% increased Physical Damage
  • You have no Intelligence
  • Critical Strike Chance is 28% for Hits with this Weapon
Chains of Emancipation
Chain Belt
Requires Level 61
  • +(9-20) to maximum Energy Shield
  • +77 to maximum Life
  • +20% to Chaos Resistance
  • Enemy Hits inflict Temporal Chains on you
  • When you lose Temporal Chainsyou gain maximum Rage
  • Immune to Curses while you have at least 25 Rage
Chains of Emancipation
Carnal Boots
Requires Level 55, 52 Dex, 52 Int
  • Evasion Rating: 192
  • Energy Shield: 37
  • Triggers Level 20 Corpse Walk when Equipped
  • 94% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
  • 25% increased Movement Speed
  • 40% increased Damage if you have Consumed a corpse Recently
  • For each nearby corpse, Regenerate 0.25% Life per second, up to 3%
Endless Misery
Cobalt Jewel
It is a threshold jewel that enhances Discharge.
  • Limited to: 1
  • Radius: Medium (1200)
  • 8% increased Elemental Damage
  • With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, Discharge has 60% less Area of Effect
  • With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, Discharge Cooldown is 250 ms
  • With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, Discharge deals 60% less Damage
Maw of Mischief -
  • -
Maw of Mischief
The Druggery
Cloth Belt
Requires Level 48
  • (15-25)% Increased Stun and Block Recovery
  • 100% of Life Recovery from Flasks is Applied to Nearby Allies Instead of You
  • Life Flasks Gain 1 Charge every 3 Seconds
  • (25-30) to All Attributes
  • (15-25)% Increased Flask Charges Gained
  • (10-20)% Increased Flask Charges Used
  • (10-20)% Increased Flask Effect Duration
The Druggery
The Iron Mass
Requires Level 60, 113 Str, 113 Dex
  • 40% increased Global Accuracy Rating
One Handed Sword
  • 152% increased Physical Damage
  • 17% increased Attack Speed
  • Unholy Might
  • 21% chance to inflict Withered for 2 seconds on Hit with this Weapon
  • Summoned Skeleton Warriors wield a copy of this Weapon while in your Main Hand
  • Summoned Skeleton Warriors deal Triple Damage with this Weapon if you've Hit with this Weapon recently
The Iron Mass

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Unique Items Changes

  • Items which previously inflicted a random Curse will now inflict a random Hex. This affects Soul Mantle, Ylfeban's Trickery.
  • Thunderfist, Agnerod East, and Stormcharger each now grant increased Lightning Ailment Duration on Enemies (rather than increased Shock Duration).
  • Stormcharger and Doryani's Fist each now grant increased Lightning Ailment Effect (rather than increased Shock Effect).
  • Crystal Vault now grants increased Cold Ailment Effect (rather than increased Chill Effect).
  • The Blood Reaper: Now grants 20 Life Regeneration per Second (from 10). Existing versions of this item can be updated with the use of a Divine Orb.
  • Bloodgrip: Now grants 16 to 24 Life Regeneration per Second (from 8 to 12). Existing versions of this item can be updated with the use of a Divine Orb.
  • Cameria's Avarice: Now triggers the Icicle skill on hit, rather than on kill. This affects all versions of the item.
  • Gluttony: No longer has level 30 Poacher's Mark on hit. No longer grants Culling Strike against enemies cursed with Poacher's Mark. Now grants 20 to 28 Life on hit with Attacks against Cursed Enemies, 10 to 14 Mana on hit with Attacks against Cursed enemies, and Culling Strike against Cursed Enemies.
  • Mark of Submission: Now Curses enemies with socketed Hex gem on hit. This affects all versions of the item.
  • Profane Proxy: Now only causes socketed Hexes to be applied as an aura around your Skitterbot.
  • The Putrid Cloister: No longer applies Projectile Weakness to players. Now applies Despair instead.
  • The Tempest's Liberation: The skill used by the Greater Harbinger of Storms will no longer try to chain to targets it has already affected.
  • Watcher's Eye: Can now grant 10 to 15% increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate while affected by Discipline (from 20 to 30%). Can now grant 6 to 10% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity (from 12 to 18%). Can now grant 10 to 15% increased Mana Recovery Rate while affected by Clarity (from 20 to 30%). Can now grant 10 to 15% increased Life Recovery Rate while affected by Vitality (from 20 to 30%). Can now grant 0.8 to 1.2% of Damage leeched as Life while affected by Vitality (from 1 to 1.5%). Can now grant 8 to 12% increased Recovery rate of Life and Energy Shield while affected by Malevolence (from 15 to 20%). Can now grant +20 to 30% to Critical Strike Multiplier while affected by Precision (from 30 to 50%). Existing versions can be updated with the use of a Divine Orb. New versions can now grant 1 to 1.5% of Life Regenerated per second while affected by Vitality (instead of 100 to 140 Life Regeneration per second). Existing versions of this item with this modifier are unaffected.
  • The Whispering Ice: The Ice Storm skill has undergone a significant rebalance, with larger impacts falling in a smaller area meaning you are significantly more likely to hit targets within the area multiple times over the storm's duration than before:
    • Now has 2 to 4 base Cold Damage per 10 Intelligence (from 1 to 3).
    • Now has a base Duration of 1 second (from 1.5 seconds).
    • Now gains 0.1 seconds of additional base duration per 100 intelligence (from 0.15 seconds).
    • There is now 1 impact every 0.2 seconds (from every 0.1 seconds)
    • Now has an Added Damage effectiveness of 60% (from 45%).
    • Now has a maximum of 5 storms at a time (any more than that replace the oldest).
    • Impacts now have a base radius of 16 units (from 10).
    • Impacts can now land in an area with a base radius of 22 (from 25).

Replica Unique Items(90 new)

Replica Unique items result from attempts to re-create unique items of legend, where the end product has a few crucial differences. They're often appropriate for entirely different character builds than the original item.

Replica Unique items get a space in the Unique Stash Tab.

Replica Uniques Stats
Replica Iron CommanderStrength mods, Shrapnel Ballista
Replica Ambu's ChargeJugg End Charge gain, Lose 2% of Life per second if hit recently
Replica Atziri's AcuityPerfect Agony
Replica Sorrow of the DivineEldritch Battery
Replica Lioneye's PawsToxic Rain, Chaos Damage
Replica AbyssusFlat Ele dmg, Ele dmg taken
Replica Kalisa's GraceUnleash Support, AoE increase after 800 mana used
Replica BitterdreamEle Pen, Inspiration, Unbound Ailments, Immolate, Innervate, & Ice Bite Supports
Replica Tukohama's FortressAdditional Brand, Brand Crit Strike Chance, Increased Brand Damage
Replica Shroud of the Lightless6 Abyssal Sockets. Nothing else. Also, the original unique had its Elemental Penetration changed from Lv 20 to Lv 25
Replica Soul TetherCorrupted Soul Keystone, Strength
Replica Kaom's HeartMana, Lightning damage
Replica Malachai's ArtificeSecrets of Suffering for socketed gem
Replica Atziri's FoibleLife Regen implicit override, flat Life and Life Recovery Rate

One of the rewards you can claim from Grand Heists is Replica Unique Items.

Been slaving away at this one for longer than I can remember:

Replica Unique Items

Replica Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet:

Replica Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet

Replica Lioneye's Paws:

Replica Lioneye's Paws

Replica Sorrow of the Divine:

Replica Sorrow of the Divine

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