Replica Last Resort Nailed Fist - Path of Exile

Replica Last Resort Nailed Fist

Replica Last Resort

Replica Last Resort is a unique Nailed Fist. Claws. Physical Damage: 4-11. Critical Strike Chance: 6.2%. Attacks per Second: 1.6. Weapon Range: 11.

Requires Level 3, 11 Dex, 11 Int.

  • Gain 3 Life per Enemy Hit by Attacks

  • 25% increased Attack Speed when on Low Life
  • (80–100)% increased Physical Damage
  • 100% increased Accuracy Rating when on Low Life
  • 200% increased Damage with Claws while on Low Life
  • Deal no Damage when not on Low Life
  • (You are on Low Life if you have 50% of your Maximum Life or less)

Flavour Text: 'An absurdly vicious weapon in the hands of our test subjects. It seems to channel the desperate will to live. Intriguing.' - Researcher Olesya

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The replica version, compared to the original, has a higher value (200% v. 100%) in the #% increased Damage with Claws while on Low Life mod, no flat added physical damage and has the mod Deal no Damage when not on Low Life.

The rest of the mods are the same in both versions.

The weapon, while not on Low Life, is a 0 dps weapon. However, on Low Life, it will utilized all of the mods on this weapon to turn on its dps.

Item acquisition

Replica Last Resort has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced. Replicas can be obtained from the Curio Display in the final reward rooms of Laboratory or Prohibited Library Grand Heists.


Replica Last Resort can be created from the following recipes:

Amount Part Description
6 The Forward Gaze Random replica item
1 The Void Random divination card set exchange