How to Find PoE Session ID

What is the SessionID?

It is a temporary ID generated by the Path of Exile forum when you log in. This same ID can be used by Procurement to load your stash tabs and characters through the forum API.

If you want to reset your POESESSID, just log out of the website and back in again. Any previous session cookies you gave out before will now be invalid.

How To Get PoE Session ID?

1. Open Official site:
2. Log in with your account.
3. GET THE SESSIONID: Chrome(or Microsoft Edge), Firefox, Opera, IE are different, see below.
4. Input: Enter the SessionID to the Procurement.

Find the PoE Session ID in Chrome or Microsoft Edge

  • Navigate and login to
  • Hit F12 — This should open the Developer Tools
  • Click the Applications tab in the Tab Bar.
  • Expand the Cookies dropdown and select item.
  • Check the Name column for POESESSID
  • Double click on the value, right-click -> copy. — this is your session id.

PoE Session ID Chrome

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How Can I find Path of Exile Session ID in Firefox

  • Navigate and login to
  • Press the Alt key
  • Select Tools -> Options from the menu
  • Click on the Privacy tab
  • In the history section, click remove individual cookies link.
  • Type in the Search Textbox.
  • Locate the item with a cookie name of POESESSID and click on it.
  • Copy the value next to Content — this is your session id.

PoE Session ID Firefox


  • Navigate and login to
  • Press F12 to open the Developer Tools
  • Click on the Network button within the Developer Tools
  • Enable capture of network traffic by clicking on the green triangular button in the top toolbar
  • Capture some network traffic by interacting with the page
  • Click on DETAILS (tab at top left)
  • Click on Cookies in the same area
  • Look for PHPSESSID line, right-click -> COPY — this is your session id

PoE Session ID Internet Explorer

Find POESESSID in Internet Explorer v10

  • Navigate and login to
  • Press F12 — This should open the developer console.
  • In the console window, click the Cache menu and select view cookie information
  • This will open a new page with the cookies listed.
  • Find the item with the name PHPSESSID.
  • Copy the value next to VALUE — this is your session id.

PoE Session ID Opera

  • Navigate and login to
  • Ctrl + Shift +C — Inspect element
  • Click the Applications tab in the Tab Bar.
  • Expand the Cookies dropdown and select item.
  • Check the Name column for POESESSID
  • Double click on the value, right-click -> copy. — this is your session id.

PoE Session ID Opera

PoE Session Id

Here's a summary of the key points about POE Session ID:

  • Purpose: It's a temporary identifier used to keep you logged in to the Path of Exile forum and to allow authorized third-party tools like Procurement to access your forum account information.
  • Generation: It's created automatically when you log in to the Path of Exile website.
  • Sharing: It should only be shared with trusted tools that you've intentionally authorized.
  • Resetting: You can reset it by logging out of the Path of Exile website and logging back in. This invalidates any previous session cookies, protecting your account security.

Key considerations for security:

  • Treat it like a password: Avoid sharing it with unauthorized tools or websites to prevent potential account access.
  • Use trusted tools: Only use third-party tools that are reputable and have clear privacy policies regarding your POESESSID.
  • Reset regularly: Consider resetting your POESESSID periodically, especially if you've shared it with tools in the past or have concerns about security.

Additional tips:

  • Check tool requirements: Before using a third-party tool, verify if it actually requires your POESESSID. Some tools may have alternative authentication methods.
  • Stay informed: Keep up-to-date on Path of Exile's security policies and any changes related to POESESSID usage.

Do not share POESESSID values with other people

Some third-party tools ask that you give them your Path of Exile website session cookie in order for them to be able to function, without explaining the significant risks this exposes you to. This cookie value gives the recipient almost complete access to your Path of Exile account on the website, enabling them to do almost any action including viewing personal information, spending your points, or posting on the forums as you.

While sharing any login information with other people is specifically against Path of Exile's terms of use, we haven't yet proactively banned any users for sharing their POESESSID values. However, if your session is misused and someone does something bad on your account that results in a ban, then the intentional disclosure of your account credentials is only going to make the situation worse. Your account is valuable to you. Protect it and don't give other people access.

Note that while you may trust the third-party tools you are using currently, there is nothing to stop someone updating them in the future to harvest credentials. If the third-party tools store your credentials locally, then they're often stored insecurely and can be sniped by other programs you may also be running.

The secure way of granting tools access to your data is via OAuth. We support OAuth with all of our officially documented API endpoints and a large number of tools have already implemented this. We are continuing work to expand the resources available (such as the trade website) to third-party tool developers.

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