Angler's Plait Unset Ring - Path of Exile

Angler's Plait Unset Ring

Angler's Plait

Angler's Plait is a unique Unset Ring. Rings.

Requires Level 38.

  • CanCatchCorruptFishCorrupted

  • (10–15)% increased Cast Speed
  • 100% increased Fishing Line Strength
  • 20% increased Quantity of Fish Caught
  • 40% increased Rarity of Fish Caught
  • (20–40)% increased Fish Bite Sensitivity
  • (Multiple bites from Fish with multiple mouths only check Bite Sensitivity once)
  • Corrupted

Flavour Text: A man can spend his whole life fishing before he learns it is not fish that he seeks.

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Angler's Plait always obtained as a corrupted item. The implicit Has 1 Socket would always replaced by You can catch Corrupted Fish.

Item acquisition

Angler's Plait has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced.

Note that the above table is generated automatically and based on the description of the card. Angler's Plait can only be obtained corrupted, and therefore divination cards such as Baited Expectations, The Penitent, Hubris, and Jack in the Box may not be redeemed for it.

On May 6, 2020, the reddit user u/poorFishwife posted a method for farming Angler's Plait.

Status as an Easter egg

The inclusion of Angler's Plait in Path of Exile is an Easter egg in reference to a running joke by Grinding Gear Games about the existence of secret gameplay features related to fishing. It has so far not been confirmed that any such gameplay features legitimately exist.

Supporter attribution

Angler's Plait was created by supporter SauronSatan.