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Rogues Guide

There are thirteen Rogues in the Path of Exile Heist. Each of these rogues has a specific skill set that will be necessary to make it through a heist without setting off an alarm or understanding how to escape successfully. Four of the rogues will be able to provide players with information about each heist location or offer them transportation. Nine will have skills like lockpicking or demolition that can be used to help players get in and out of a heist area successfully. In order to use these thieves effectively, players will need both contracts and markers, which are brand new items to Path of Exile: Heist.


  • Transportation
  • Lockpicking
  • Demolition
  • etc.

Equip Your Rogues

Specialised items can be equipped to Rogues to make them stealthier, deadlier, and more adept at their roles. Like any other Path of Exile items, Rogue equipment can be crafted with currency items. A well-equipped crew is a great asset when undertaking the most difficult Heists.

Equip Your Rogues

  • Criminal’s Golden Brooch requires Level 3 in Any Heist Skill. It increases 8% Job Experience gain.
  • Sulphur Blowtorch requires Level 4 Engineering.
  • Enforcer’s Standard Sharpening Stone of the Newt requires Level 3 in Any Heist Skill. 37% increased Melee Damage; Players and their Minions Regenerate 1.03% of Life per second.
  • Honour Visage Torn Cloak requires Level 2 in Any Heist Skill. The Ring’s Cut reduced by 14%; 11% increased time before Lockdown; 8% reduced Hiring Fee.
  • etc.

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List of Rogue Equipment

Rogue Equipment Category
Torn Cloak Heist Cloak
Tattered Cloak Heist Cloak
Hooded Cloak Heist Cloak
Whisper-woven Cloak Heist Cloak
Silver Brooch Heist Brooch
Golden Brooch Heist Brooch
Enamel Brooch Heist Brooch
Foliate Brooch Heist Brooch
Simple Lockpick Heist Tool
Standard Lockpick Heist Tool
Fine Lockpick Heist Tool
Master Lockpick Heist Tool
Leather Bracers Heist Tool
Studded Bracers Heist Tool
Runed Bracers Heist Tool
Steel Bracers Heist Tool
Crude Sensing Charm Heist Tool
Fine Sensing Charm Heist Tool
Polished Sensing Charm Heist Tool
Thaumaturgical Sensing Charm Heist Tool
Voltaxic Flashpowder Heist Tool
Trarthan Flashpowder Heist Tool
Azurite Flashpowder Heist Tool
Crude Ward Heist Tool
Lustrous Ward Heist Tool
Shining Ward Heist Tool
Thaumaturgical Ward Heist Tool
Essential Keyring Heist Tool
Versatile Keyring Heist Tool
Master Keyring Heist Tool
Grandmaster Keyring Heist Tool
Eelskin Sole Heist Tool
Foxhide Sole Heist Tool
Winged Sole Heist Tool
Silkweave Sole Heist Tool
Basic Disguise Kit Heist Tool
Theatre Disguise Kit Heist Tool
Espionage Disguise Kit Heist Tool
Regicide Disguise Kit Heist Tool
Steel Drill Heist Tool
Flanged Drill Heist Tool
Sulphur Blowtorch Heist Tool
Thaumetic Blowtorch Heist Tool
Rough Sharpening Stone Heist Gear
Standard Sharpening Stone Heist Gear
Fine Sharpening Stone Heist Gear
Obsidian Sharpening Stone Heist Gear
Flanged Arrowhead Heist Gear
Fragmenting Arrowhead Heist Gear
Hollowpoint Arrowhead Heist Gear
Precise Arrowhead Heist Gear
Focal Stone Heist Gear
Conduit Line Heist Gear
Aggregator Charm Heist Gear
Burst Band Heist Gear

Do I have to keep the Rogues alive?

No. Their skills can be interrupted by incoming attacks so it’s good to keep killing guards before they begin, but you do not need to protect them.

Do Rogues lose or reset their progress at any point?

They cannot lose progress or experience once they’ve gained it. There is no reset point.

Is my Heist intel and Rogue skill experience shared between my characters?

Yes, your Heist progress is shared by your characters in each league.

How many specialised Rogue skills are there?

There are thirteen different Rogues and nine different field skills.

How many skills do Rogues have?

Each Rogue has one main skill and up to three alternate skills. Their main skill is their speciality has a higher experience cap than their secondary skills. Some Rogues share their skills.

Do all three of a Rogue’s skills gain experience when you complete a Heist?

No, just the skill they utilised on the Heist.

How many Rogues can come with you?

Only one Rogue can assist you on a Heist. In a Grand Heist you can have up to three Rogues per wing. If you pay to reveal elements of a Blueprint, you’ll typically have several wings available to run.

Do I automatically have access to all Rogues?

When you first arrive at the Rogue harbour you’ll have all the administrative Rogues and some of the active Rogues. The more you progress in Heist, the more Rogues will show up and be available to assist you.

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