Heist Blueprints

Blueprints 3.12 Guide

Blueprints are needed to run Grand Heists.

To run a Grand Heist, you’ll need to pay Whakano, the Barber in markers for the intel he’s received from your earlier Heists. This intel can reveal escape routes, reward rooms and more. Reveal as much as you desire (or as much as you can afford) and then take the Blueprint to the Planning Room in the Rogue Harbour, where Kurai, the Administrator will help you arrange which NPC’s you’d like to take with you and confirm the Blueprint. At this point, you can either trade the Blueprint to another player if you’d like, or take it to Adiyah to arrange transportation and begin the Grand Heist.

A revealed Blueprint will indicate which rewards are available from Curio Displays(Grand Heist reward rooms) but you won’t be able to tell what rewards are in chests, lockers and side-rooms along the way.

PoE Heist Blueprints

Use Intelligence to discover additional Wings and Secret Rooms by talking to certain NPCs in the Rogue Harbour. Give a Blueprint to Adiyah to embark on the Grand Heist.

When you plan Blueprints, you’ll have an interface which allows you to pick which Rogue has the appropriate skill level for the job required. This means you won’t have to use your memory to know who is right for what job.

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List of Blueprint Items

How to get Blueprint?

  • It drops from monsters throughout the world, including in Delves and the Labyrinth. It also drops in other league areas such as Betrayal Safehouses and the Temple of Atzoatl
  • Get Blueprints from Contracts.
  • You’ll access a Blueprint for a Grand Heist approximately once per act or around every 12 maps.

How much of a Blueprint do you have to reveal before you can run a Grand Heist?

You can completely skip revealing anything on the Blueprint and jump right to locking in which NPCs you’ll take, but you’ll miss out on a lot of the value of the Blueprint in doing so. You can unlock as much as you want or can afford. The more you unlock, the more you’ll reap from your Grand Heist.

Use Intel with Blueprint

Intel is something that’s gained automatically when you turn in Artifacts you’ve retrieved from Heists and is essential in the planning of Grand Heists.

To use the intel that has been gathered from Heists you’ve run, simply take the Blueprint to Whakano, the Barber and pay him (in both intel and markers) to reveal parts of the Blueprint for you.

Heist Blueprints

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