How to buy Poe currency without been banned

Is Buying PoE Currency Safe?

Path of Exile(GGG) does not allow anyone to buy PoE currency with real money. Buy currency is not 100% safe. However, this does not mean your account will be banned if you have bought currency items. In fact, GGG rarely banned player’s accounts.

RMT is a common problem in almost all online games. World of Warcraft, Runescape, Path of Exile, you can all see it. You can't really stop it, even you don't want to. Suppose I have a neighbor who happens to play Poe and wants to buy unique items from me, so he has an idea and offers me cash or services. We trade in the game, no one will know it. That's RMT, you can't stop it, you can't control it. There will always be players willing to sell goods and services, and there will always be players willing to buy them. Most of them are leisure people who don't have so much time to play, but they have a decent paid job and they are willing to pay for certain goods and services, especially for Exalted Orbs. No mistake. It's an entertainment video game, not an E-sport. If you're going to fight RMT, then you're going to fight casual players, who make up the majority of the gamer base and buy all the MTX and support packs. RMT is good for the economy and players. If you want to fight RMT, then you have to fight Poe itself.

Today, people's perception of RMT is out of date. I really believe that D3 is right - legal, normative and safe, unlike the black market, which is full of the scammer. Of course, D3 failed as a game, but for completely different reasons. Here we can compare with drugs- legalization, regulation and ensuring that drugs are always the way to go, rather than the black market full of violence and drug entanglement with other substances leading to tragic excessive death.

Most players are deliberately ignorant and don't want to hear the truth about RMT, so game developers are forced to stay on the defensive, but they are very clear that confrontation with RMT will destroy their own game. You can't stop RMT or control RMT, which is a part of life. Whether you like RMT or not, it's good for the game. Deal with it.

How to buy Poe currency without been banned

It depends on who you buy from. Some websites allow other players to trade directly with you using real money, and it’s usually much safer than buying from a store. In this case, bigger merchants are more likely to become the target of GGG.

When you are a standard player and get a small number of Exalted Orbs to meet your daily needs, you should be safe. U4GM is always a good choice. I have purchased Exalted Orb and Chaos Orbs from them many times and my account is very safe.

Buy PoE Currency with coupon AOE

I'll explain this from service, price, payment security, and transaction security.

1. How do you evaluate the service of this website for the player who buys Poe currency for the first time? The answer is to view the third-party comments on this site, and the authenticity of the data in some professional third-party comment sites should be identified. Let's take a look at U4GM 's comments on Trustpilot. 95% of the comment is positive. I think that explains a lot of things. For companies with poor service quality, it is impossible to achieve this effect.

2. Price. U4GM is currently in the promotion stage. For the website in the promotion stage, price is the core of website competition. In order to keep the competition, the price is relatively cheap. I find that the price of this website is usually cheaper than other websites on the market with the coupon code "Z123".

3. Payment security. The payment methods of this website are also very diverse, such as PayPal, credit card, sofort, etc. They choose the mainstream secure payment platform, so subscribers don't have to worry, they are smart. It also shows their strength.

4. Transaction security. Have I ever asked their customer service department about your transaction security? She replied that in the past year, they have processed more than 100,000 different customer service orders, and there has never been an unsafe problem. If there is account security and U4GM is proven to have a problem, they will refund your money back.

I think it can be seen from the above four points that U4GM must be a good website. Although I can't say the website is the best, at least it is the best website I have used. So I recommend it to you.

How can I farm PoE currency fast?

The safest? Not surprisingly, the safest thing is your own farm. If your goal is to farm currency directly the best way is to make a build with extremely high clear speed and stack IIQ, then chain low tier maps.

You only need to play a lot and be efficient. Nothing more :) Dont waste time in your timeout, prepare maps in bulks (start with 10-20), prepare tabs for your loot, sort loot only after finishing your bulk. That's it, you don't need anything more.

1. Slain monsters in maps. Maps are one of the most widely accepted forms of currency making. When playing in maps, there is nothing particularly difficult or interesting, just continue to run the map and move to a higher level map to get better drops. If you can get a higher level of maps early in the league, you can sell maps for a lot of profit. At this point, however, you just want to map quickly and efficiently. If you have the ability, please continue to run the high-level map, because there is a new currency reward.

The easiest way to make currency in standard is just gear up with ~60%MF and run a high density map with just alc since you don't have enough currency for flipping. If you are starting out with low currency, do not add any investments to your map because you can't afford the loss of profits due to RNG. Just alc and go nets you the best currency in return given that you don't have enough resources to fully chisel, sextant, fragments, and vaal 100 maps. I farmed up a headhunter within a week with just 3-4 hours per day doing it this way in Incursion.

2. Flipping currency. It's easy to be the most boring method on the list, but it's also the most effective. If you're willing to look up the ratio of each currency and price it to make a small profit when the player uses the currency to exchange, you can sit in the hiding place and make a lot of money. The problem with currency flipping is that you're going to compete with robots, you're going to have to deal with a lot of player interaction, and most importantly, it's numbing. You basically give up playing games and work for decent wages in the game. However, if you are willing to do so, it is also the most reliable way to make the most money. There are a lot of guidelines on how to effectively flip, and if you decide to take this route, be sure to check some of them.

3. Farming lab. For valuable enchants on meta-helmets of all-time-favorites like "Starkonja's Head". The maximum amount of treasure keys.

4. My method: -Have a dump tab to deposit my loots -Pick up all the uniques (These uniques will help you sustain alcs if you vendor them) -Look for uniques that sell for a decent amount with high rolls and sell them. -Alc maps in sets of 50-100 and reroll maps with mods you don't like. -Do lower tier maps to infinitely sustaining them (look up a video on how to do that).

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