Foliate Brooch

Foliate Brooch Foliate Brooch is a Heist Brooch. Any Heist member can equip this item. It requires Level 5 in Any Job.

List of Heist Brooch

Name Requirement
Silver Brooch Silver Brooch Requires Level 2 in Any Job
Golden Brooch Golden Brooch Requires Level 3 in Any Job
Enamel Brooch Enamel Brooch Requires Level 4 in Any Job
Foliate Brooch Foliate Brooch Requires Level 5 in Any Job

Foliate Brooch

Heist Brooch Crafting Mods

  • Heist Chests have a X% chance to Duplicate contained Y, such as Catalysts, Sextants, Oil, Fragments, Maps, Breach Splinters, etc.
  • x% increased Job speed
  • x% increased Damage
  • The Ring’s Cut reduced by x%
  • x% increased time before Lockdown
  • x% reduced Hiring Fee
  • x% increased Job Experience gain
  • etc.

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Example: Glyph Beads Foliate Brooch

  • Heist Chests have a 7% chance to Duplicate contained Blighted Maps and Catalysts
  • Heist Chests have a 7% chance to Duplicate contained Catalysts
  • 10% increased Job speed

Glyph Beads Foliate Brooch

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