PoE Heist Marker

What is Marker?

Marker is used as currency for services in the Rogue Harbour.

What is Marker

Rogue’s Marker

  • Get to the Rogue Harbour: use a marker in town or in your Hideout.
  • To run a Contract, you will need to pay a sum of markers to arrange the Heist.
  • To run a Grand Heist, you will need to pay in markers for the intel.

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How to get to Markers?

Gather Markers. You’ll get these from regular monsters throughout the game and from turning in Artifacts after you complete Heists. These are essential for paying Rogues to assist you with Heists, and to reveal details of a Blueprint for Grand Heists.

  • It drops from monsters throughout the world, including in Delves and the Labyrinth. It also drops in other league areas such as Betrayal Safehouses and the Temple of Atzoatl.
  • Complete a Heist and turn in the Artifact.

Markers are fairly common. They can be dropped in stacks. You’re currently able to store them in stacks of 10,000 in your inventory and 50,000 in your stash.

Will playing in a party increase the number of Markers I receive in a map?

Yes, the standard party rules apply here.

Will I automatically pick up Markers?

No. The only types of content that have auto-pickup functionality are things that are non-tradeable like Metamorph Organs or Azurite.

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