Complete a Grand Heist

In Path of Exile: Heist, you will hire skilled thieves to help you pull off risky Heists. Steal valuable artifacts to fund and train your crew as you plan towards the execution of a Grand Heist.

1. Grand Heist Guide

1.1 How to run a Grand Heist

Blueprints are needed to run Grand Heists.

To run a Grand Heist, you’ll need to pay Whakano, the Barber in markers for the intel he’s received from your earlier Heists. This intel can reveal escape routes, reward rooms and more. Reveal as much as you desire (or as much as you can afford) and then take the Blueprint to the Planning Room in the Rogue Harbour, where Kurai, the Administrator will help you arrange which NPC’s you’d like to take with you and confirm the Blueprint. At this point, you can either trade the Blueprint to another player if you’d like, or take it to Adiyah to arrange transportation and begin the Grand Heist.

In a Grand Heist, each wing has its own alert level to manage, so if you fail at one wing you’ll still be able to attempt the others. You can also Stash your items between wings to ‘lock them in’ in case you die in one of the other wings.

1.2 Plan a Grand Heist

The ultimate goal of a thief is to pull off a Grand Heist. This requires access to Blueprints that show where the vaults are located inside sprawling facilities. These elaborate jobs require masterful planning, purchasing additional intel about the facility, and hiring multiple Rogues to assist with their many obstacles. This planning can result in a huge pay-off as each vault has its own exclusive rewards.

Plan a Grand Heist

1.3 Grand Heist Tips

  • Intel is essential in the planning of Grand Heists.
  • If you didn’t manage to get the Artifact, you won’t gather intel for revealing portions of Grand Heists.
  • Markers are essential for paying Rogues to assist you with Heists, and to reveal details of a Blueprint for Grand Heists.
  • In a Grand Heist you can have up to three Rogues per wing. If you pay to reveal elements of a Blueprint, you’ll typically have several wings available to run.

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1.4 How much of a Blueprint do you have to reveal before you can run a Grand Heist?

You can completely skip revealing anything on the Blueprint and jump right to locking in which NPCs you’ll take, but you’ll miss out on a lot of the value of the Blueprint in doing so. You can unlock as much as you want or can afford. The more you unlock, the more you’ll reap from your Grand Heist.

1.5 How often will I complete a Heist or Grand Heist?

You’ll have access to one Contract per area on average but the amount you get is affected by standard drop multipliers. You can get many per area in well-rolled maps. You’ll access a Blueprint for a Grand Heist approximately once per act or around every 12 maps. It’s a similar level of content access to Incursions and The Temple of Atzoatl, except you can wait and run them when you feel like it without losing progress.

1.6 What rewards you’ll get before you run a Grand Heist?

A revealed Blueprint will indicate which rewards are available from Curio Displays but you won’t be able to tell what rewards are in chests, lockers and side-rooms along the way.

2. Grand Heist Rewards

Grand Heists offer exclusive new rewards such as Weapon and Body Armour Enchantments, Heist Trinkets, Alternate-quality Gems and Replica Unique Items.

2.1 Heist Trinkets

One of the exclusive rewards you’ll be able to steal from Grand Heists are Trinkets, which go in their own new equipment slot. These magical items influence what rewards you’ll find from future Heists you run. Some of their modifiers affect the items dropped by enemies and chests, while others modify the rewards you could obtain from a Heist’s special reward chests.

Thieves' Trinkets

2.2 Alternate Quality Gems

Alternate Quality Gems come from Grand Heist reward rooms and provide even more depth for existing Skill and Support Gems. Each existing Path of Exile gem has up to three Alternate Quality versions which grant different quality bonuses than the original gems. Some simply increase the power of the gem while others entirely change which builds most benefit from the gem.

Alternate Quality Gems

2.3 Replica Uniques Items

Other rewards you can claim from Grand Heists are Replica Unique Items. Replica Unique items result from attempts to re-create unique items of legend, where the end product has a few crucial differences. They’re often appropriate for entirely different character builds than the original item.

Replica Uniques Items

2.4 Experimented Base Types

Experimented Base Types are a variety of new item base types that have exotic properties that differ from their core-game counterparts.

Experimented Base Types

2.5 Weapon and Body Armour Enchantments

The final type of new reward available from Grand Heists is a selection of Weapon and Body Armour enchantments. These enchantments come on unnaturally-powerful rare items and affect the magnitude of modifiers on those items. Some of these enchantments are so powerful that they involve substantial drawbacks.

Weapon and Body Armour Enchantments

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