Heist Contract PoE 3.12 Guide

1. List of Heist Contracts Types

Name Description Stats
Contract: Bunker Contract: Bunker Area Level: 2 – 83 
Contract: Laboratory Contract: Laboratory Area Level: 34 – 83 
Contract: Mansion Contract: Mansion Area Level: 5 – 83 
Contract: Prohibited Library Contract: Prohibited Library Area Level: 34 – 83 
Contract: Records Office Contract: Records Office Area Level: 14 – 83 
Contract: Repository Contract: Repository Area Level: 24 – 83 
Contract: Smuggler’s Den Contract: Smuggler’s Den Area Level: 14 – 83 
Contract: Tunnels Contract: Tunnels Area Level: 24 – 83 
Contract: Underbelly Contract: Underbelly Area Level: 2 – 83 
Contract: Breaking the Unbreakable Contract: Breaking the Unbreakable Unique Contract
  • Client: Isla
  • Heist Target: Destroy “The Unbreakable”
  • Area Level: 80
  • Requires Engineering (Level 3)
  • Requires Isla, the Engineer
Contract: Death to Darnaw Contract: Death to Darnaw Unique Contract
  • Client: Faustus
  • Heist Target: Kill Admiral Darnaw
  • Area Level: 82
  • Requires Counter-Thaumaturgy (Level 4)
Contract: Heart of Glory Contract: Heart of Glory Unique Contract
  • Client: Adiyah
  • Heist Target: Confront Nashta
  • Area Level: 81
  • Requires Perception (Level 4)
  • Requires Adiyah, the Wayfinder
Contract: Jamanra’s Rest Contract: Jamanra’s Rest Unique Contract
  • Client: Nenet
  • Heist Target: Jamanra, the Legendary Warrior
  • Area Level: 81
  • Requires Counter-Thaumaturgy (Level 2)
  • Requires Nenet, the Scout
Contract: The Slaver King Contract: The Slaver King Unique Contract
  • Client: Whakano
  • Heist Target: The Blood Idol
  • Area Level: 80
  • Requires Brute Force (Level 3)
Contract: The Twins Contract: The Twins Unique Contract
  • Client: Kurai
  • Heist Target: The Vox Twins
  • Area Level: 83
  • Requires Lockpicking (Level 5)
  • Requires Kurai, the Administrator

You can use a common currency to craft a Contract, such as Alch upgrade a normal contract to a rare contract. It will increase its Item Quantity and Item Rarity. Meanwhile, the Heist contract does not have any quality.

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2. List of Quest Item

Quest Name Area Level Rogue Requires Heist Target
Contract: Trial Run Contract: Trial Run 2 Karst, the Lockpick Lockpicking (Level 1) Urn of Farud
Contract: Stolen Lockpicks Contract: Stolen Lockpicks 10 Karst, the Lockpick Lockpicking (Level 1) Karst’s Lockpicks
Contract: Karst’s Revenge Contract: Karst’s Revenge 34 Karst, the Lockpick Lockpicking (Level 1) The Kiss Goodnight
Contract: Credit Where Credit’s Due Contract: Credit Where Credit’s Due 55 Karst, the Lockpick Lockpicking (Level 2) Poisoned Lockpick
Contract: Finding Opal Contract: Finding Opal 20 Tibbs, the Giant Brute Force (Level 1) Census Records
Contract: Opal’s Jewels Contract: Opal’s Jewels 61 Tibbs, the Giant Brute Force (Level 2) Tibbs’ Wealth
Contract: Enoch’s Whereabouts Contract: Enoch’s Whereabouts 25 Huck, the Soldier Lockpicking (Level 1) Blackguard Personnel Files
Contract: Enoch’s Remains Contract: Enoch’s Remains 57 Huck, the Soldier Brute Force (Level 1) Enoch’s Tags
Contract: Grocery List Contract: Grocery List 60 Vinderi, the Dismantler Demolition (Level 2) Alchemical Supplies
Contract: The Vinderi Bomb Contract: The Vinderi Bomb 78 Vinderi, the Dismantler Demolition (Level 3) Fumarole Tar
Contract: The Nameless Play Contract: The Nameless Play 68 Gianna, the Master of Disguise Deception (Level 2) The Nameless Play
Contract: The Finest Costumes Contract: The Finest Costumes 80 Gianna, the Master of Disguise Deception (Level 3) Templar Uniforms
Contract: The Wedding Dress Contract: The Wedding Dress 42 Tullina, the Catburglar Agility (Level 1) Merveil’s Wedding Dress
Contract: Disengagement Contract: Disengagement 66 Tullina, the Catburglar Perception (Level 2) Tullina’s Engagement Ring
Contract: Rational Tools Contract: Rational Tools 68 Niles, the Interrogator Counter-Thaumaturgy (Level 1) The Thought Extractor
Contract: A Mundane Sample Contract: A Mundane Sample 75 Niles, the Interrogator Counter-Thaumaturgy (Level 3) Viridi’s Finger

3. PoE Heist Contract Recipe

Result Recipes Note
1x random magic Contract
  • 5x magic Contract(same base type)
  • The result has the same base type(e.g. Contract: Bunker Contract: Bunker).
  • The result will have the lowest item level of all contracts.
1x random rare Contract
  • 5x rare Contract(same base type)

You can see more details about Heist Contracts vendor recipes from this article.

4. Heist Contract Loot Rewards

Icon Loot Level Reward Name Required Jobs Weight
Currency Reward Room
  • Lockpicking
  • Counter-Thaumaturgy
  • Agility
  • 500
    Uniques Reward Room
  • Brute Force
  • Engineering
  • 300
    Gems Reward Room
  • Counter-Thaumaturgy
  • 300
    Maps Reward Room
  • Engineering
  • 100
    Accesories Reward Room
  • Lockpicking
  • Perception
  • Counter-Thaumaturgy
  • 200
    Armour Reward Room
  • Trap Disarmament
  • Agility
  • Deception
  • 200
    Weapon Reward Room
  • Brute Force
  • Trap Disarmament
  • 200
    Abyss Reward Room
  • Trap Disarmament
  • 150
    Harbinger Reward Room
  • Agility
  • Deception
  • 150
    Breach Reward Room
  • Trap Disarmament
  • 150
    Essences Reward Room
  • Agility
  • Engineering
  • 250
    Fragments Reward Room
  • Lockpicking
  • 250
    Fossils Reward Room
  • Brute Force
  • Agility
  • 150
    Prophecies Reward Room
  • Perception
  • 250
    36Divination Cards
    Divination Cards Reward Room
  • Perception
  • Deception
  • 300
    Generic Reward Room
  • Demolition
  • 100
    Talismans Reward Room
  • Trap Disarmament
  • 150
    Legion Reward Room
  • Trap Disarmament
  • 150
    Blight Reward Room
  • Demolition
  • 150
    Metamorph Reward Room
  • Demolition
  • 150
    Delirium Reward Room
  • Demolition
  • 150

    5. How to get Contract?

    • It drops from monsters throughout the world, including in Delves and the Labyrinth. For example, the drop level of Contract:Prohibited Library is 34. It also drops in other league areas such as Betrayal Safehouses and the Temple of Atzoatl. You’ll have access to one Contract per area on average but the amount you get is affected by standard drop multipliers. You can get many per area in well-rolled maps.
    • Heist contract vendor: Whakano, the Barber. He sells Contracts whose item level one larger than your character level. For example, when your character level is 23, you can purchase Contract: Repository and Contract: Tunnels. from Whakano.

    Tips: since it is difficult to escape from a Heist, it is recommended to buy Contracts firstly, next upgrade your character, then play the contract. I always prepare a Heist when my character level is at least five levels higher than the contract's area level.

    Contracts are needed to run Heists. In order to execute a Heist, you need to know the location of a valuable Artifact and what defences safeguard it. Contracts containing these clues can be found throughout Wraeclast alongside coins with the mysterious emblem of the Rogue Harbour.

    As a Contract is shown below, Heist Target: Box of Tripyxis.

    Heist Contract

    Contract: Bunker

    Give a Contract to Adiyah in the Rogue Harbour to embark on the Heist.

    Contracts lay the groundwork for Grand Heists and yield Markers Markers and other regular Path of Exile items as rewards.

    6. How to run a Contract

    To run a Contract, you’ll need to take it to Adiyah, the Wayfinder in the Rogue Harbour. You’ll pay her a sum of markers to arrange the Heist, allow you to select which specialised Rogue you’d like to take with you and handle transportation. Contracts can be crafted, if desired, to increase their difficulty and reward, much like maps.

    When you plan Contracts, you’ll have an interface which allows you to pick which Rogue has the appropriate skill level for the job required. This means you won’t have to use your memory to know who is right for what job.

    7. Store Contracts or Sell it?

    You can store your contracts and save them up to binge Heists when you’re ready. There’s not a lot of value in hoarding low level Contracts as you’ll out-level them, but you can also trade them to other players if you no longer need them.

    If you trade for more Contracts, you can potentially run Heist content exclusively. You’ll also acquire more Contracts and Blueprints from Heists.

    PoE Contracts

    Contract: Repository

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