Harbinger Encounters

PoE 3.11 Challenge: Complete Harbinger Encounters

Complete each of the following Encounters while under the effects of Harvest’s mist.

Harbingers are a type of immortal monsters. Harbingers summon enemies to fight the player while empowering them in different ways, and they can only be harmed by killing their minions. Harbingers can drop currency shards, for both ones seen in Wraeclast as well as their own currency.

Harbinger Encounters

There are several ways to complete Harbinger Encounters:

  1. As a Harbinger scarab
  2. As a sextant affix
  3. Zana’s league modifiers
  4. Zana’s missions
  5. As a Delve node in the Azurite Mine
  6. Harbinger Map

1. Harbinger Scarab

Scarabs are a type of map fragment. They do not open portals to new areas, but are instead used to augment existing areas with various effects.

Item Harbinger Encounters Stats
Rusted Harbinger Scarab Rusted Harbinger Scarab Area contains 2 extra Harbingers
Polished Harbinger Scarab Polished Harbinger Scarab Area contains 3 extra Harbingers
Gilded Harbinger Scarab Gilded Harbinger Scarab Area contains 4 extra Harbingers
Winged Harbinger Scarab Winged Harbinger Scarab Area contains 7 extra Harbingers

Harbingers are invincible enemies that summon waves of enemies and summon new ones as they are defeated. Harbingers can also indirectly attack by empowering their minions, such as creating a Righteous Fire Righteous Fire aura around a monster or have all monsters use Flame Dash Flame Dash. At higher levels, Harbingers can also summon Obelisks that can attack or power up their monsters.

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2. Sextant affix

A Sextant is a currency item that can be used on a Watchstone to add a special modifier to all the maps on the region where the Watchstone is socketed.

Atlas Modifiers:

Name Stats
MapAtlasHarbingerAndBossAdditionalCurrencyShards 3 uses remaining
Unique Bosses drop additional Currency Shards
Harbingers drop additional Currency Shards
Unique Bosses are accompanied by a mysterious Harbinger

3. Zana’s league modifiers

At map device, crafting maps with the Harbinger modifiers to complete this challenges. Before using it, you must complete map bonuses Objectives to unlock these modifiers.

Name # Bonus Objectives Cost Description
Harbinger 90 4x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb Area contains 2 additional Harbingers.

Harbinger Encounters Mods

4. Zana’s Missions

Zana can only be encountered in the wild in maps. When encountering Zana, she will give you a selection of randomly rolled maps to choose from, each with different missions.

  • Slay the Harbingers. The map will contain two Harbingers.

5. Azurite Mine

Harbinger encounter: Runed Caverns node in the Azurite Mine.

Icon Node name Description
Harbinger encounter Runed Caverns Contains a Harbinger.

6. Harbinger Map

  • The Beachhead Harbinger Map
  • Infused Beachhead Harbinger Map

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