Infused Beachhead PoE Unique Map

Infused Beachhead Infused Beachhead is a unique Harbinger Map.

Map Level: 83. Map Tier: 16.

  • 100% more Monster Life
  • 100% increased Monster Damage
  • Unique Boss drops an additional Harbinger Scroll
  • Area contains 20 extra Harbingers
  • Corrupted

Complete Infused Beachhead is one of the Harvest Challenge.

It can be obtained from doing harvest crafting with Primal Crushclaw Bulb Primal Crushclaw Bulb(Tier 3)

Infused Beachhead

Items found in Infused Beachhead map

Deregulation Scroll Deregulation Scroll
Electroshock Scroll Electroshock Scroll
Fragmentation Scroll Fragmentation Scroll
Haemocombustion Scroll Haemocombustion Scroll
Specularity Scroll Specularity Scroll
Time-light Scroll Time-light Scroll
The Gambler
The Encroaching Darkness
First Piece of Brutality
The Endless Darkness

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How to get Infused Beachhead

Harvest the seed to reveal a random crafting option, one of them gave random tier of Beachhead map:

According to the description of the Harvest craft: "Change a Harbinger Unique or Unique Piece into a random Beachhead Map", in theory the player can also use Unique Harbinger item pieces as ingredient.

Divination Card

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

Amount Divination Card Result Drop Areas
8 The Encroaching Darkness random corrupted Map Chayula’s Domain • Tul’s Domain • Xoph’s Domain • Esh’s Domain • Uul-Netol’s Domain • Academy Map • Acid Caverns Map • Arachnid Nest Map • Arachnid Tomb Map • Arena Map • Armoury Map • Arsenal Map • Ashen Wood Map • Atoll Map • Maelström of Chaos Maelström of Chaos • Basilica Map • Bazaar Map • Belfry Map • Bog Map • Bone Crypt Map • Olmec’s Sanctum Olmec’s Sanctum • Caldera Map • Carcass Map • Castle Ruins Map • Cemetery Map • Hallowed Ground Hallowed Ground • Pit of the Chimera Map • Colonnade Map • Colosseum Map • Coral Ruins Map • Core Map • Courtyard Map • The Vinktar Square The Vinktar Square • Coves Map • Crimson Temple Map • Crystal Ore Map • Cursed Crypt Map • The Coward’s Trial The Coward’s Trial • Dark Forest Map • Defiled Cathedral Map • Desert Spring Map • Dig Map • Dunes Map • Pillars of Arun Pillars of Arun • Desert of Dementia • Halls of Delirium • Ruins of Despair Despair • Sea of Isolation • Repository of Derision • Pits of Sorrow • Islands of Devastation • Manor of Madness • Wastes of Lunacy • Vaults of Insanity • Spires of Delusion • River of Hysteria • Absence of Value and Meaning • Factory Map • Fields Map • Gardens Map • Geode Map • Ghetto Map • Harbinger Map • Harbinger Map • Lair of the Hydra Map• Infested Valley Map • Jungle Valley Map • Laboratory Map • Lair Map • Lava Chamber Map • Lava Lake Map • Malformation Map • Mausoleum Map• Mesa Map • Mineral Pools Map • Maze of the Minotaur Map • Moon Temple Map • The Twilight Temple The Twilight Temple • Mud Geyser Map • Museum Map • The Putrid Cloister The Putrid Cloister • Necropolis Map • Death and Taxes Death and Taxes • Orchard Map • Overgrown Ruin Map • Overgrown Shrine Map • Acton’s Nightmare Acton’s Nightmare • Palace Map• Park Map • Phantasmagoria Map • Forge of the Phoenix Map • Pier Map • Pit Map • Plateau Map • Plaza Map • Precinct Map • Primordial Pool Map • Promenade Map • The Hall of Grandmasters Hall of Grandmasters • Racecourse Map • Ramparts Map • Reef Map • Residence Map • Scriptorium Map • Sepulchre Map • The Shaper’s Realm • Shipyard Map • Shore Map • Mao Kun Mao Kun • Shrine Map • Siege Map • Spider Forest Map • Summit Map • Sunken City Map • Temple Map • Poorjoy’s Asylum Poorjoy’s Asylum • Terrace Map • Thicket Map • Primordial Blocks Map • Oba’s Cursed Trove Oba’s Cursed Trove • Tower Map • Crater Map • Tropical Island Map • Underground River Map • Caer Blaidd Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack’s Den • Underground Sea Map • Vaal Pyramid Map • Vaults of Atziri Vaults of Atziri • Vaal Temple Map• Vault Map • Villa Map • Wasteland Map • Waste Pool Map • Waterways Map • Wharf Map

Harbinger Map Unique Versions

Harbinger Map (Max Tier) is a map area.

Item Lvl.
Infused Beachhead Infused Beachhead 1

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