Winged Harbinger Scarab

Winged Harbinger Scarab Winged Harbinger Scarab is a map fragment. Placing it along with a map into a Map Device, it augments the map for the following effects:

  • Area contains 7 extra Harbingers.
Item Stats Syndicate member
Rusted Harbinger Scarab Rusted Harbinger Scarab Area contains 2 extra Harbingers Tora
Polished Harbinger Scarab Polished Harbinger Scarab Area contains 3 extra Harbingers Tora
Gilded Harbinger Scarab Gilded Harbinger Scarab Area contains 4 extra Harbingers Tora
Winged Harbinger Scarab Winged Harbinger Scarab Area contains 7 extra Harbingers Tora

Tora: Hunting for Harbinger Scarabs, Chest with a Harbinger Scarab.

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Divination cards

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

Item Stack Size Effect(s) Drop Areas Additional
Drop Restrictions
Cameria’s Cut 2 Scarab N/A N/A

Winged Harbinger Scarab Price

The price of Winged Harbinger Scarab Winged Harbinger Scarab is about 120x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb.

Winged Harbinger Scarab

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