Contract: Grocery List PoE Heist 3.12 Quest

Contract: Grocery List Contract: Grocery List is a quest item.

  • Client: Vinderi
  • Heist Target: Alchemical Supplies
  • Area Level: 60
  • Requires Demolition (Level 2)
  • Requires Vinderi, the Dismantler
Contract: Grocery List

Tips: quest items can not be traded. The drop level of Contract: Grocery List Contract: Grocery List is 60 and you can only get it by killing monsters. It is suggested to play this contract when your character level is at least five levels higher than this contract.

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Heist Target: Alchemical Supplies

Alchemical Supplies

Heist Quests Challenges

PoE Heist 3.12 challenge: complete each of the following Heist Quests.

Quest Name Area Level Rogue Requires Heist Target
Contract: Stolen Lockpicks Contract: Stolen Lockpicks 10 Karst, the Lockpick Lockpicking (Level 1) Karst’s Lockpicks
Contract: Karst’s Revenge Contract: Karst’s Revenge 34 Karst, the Lockpick Lockpicking (Level 1) The Kiss Goodnight
Contract: Credit Where Credit’s Due Contract: Credit Where Credit’s Due 55 Karst, the Lockpick Lockpicking (Level 2) Poisoned Lockpick
Contract: Finding Opal Contract: Finding Opal 20 Tibbs, the Giant Brute Force (Level 1) Census Records
Contract: Opal’s Jewels Contract: Opal’s Jewels 61 Tibbs, the Giant Brute Force (Level 2) Tibbs’ Wealth
Contract: Enoch’s Whereabouts Contract: Enoch’s Whereabouts 25 Huck, the Soldier Lockpicking (Level 1) Blackguard Personnel Files
Contract: Enoch’s Remains Contract: Enoch’s Remains 57 Huck, the Soldier Brute Force (Level 1) Enoch’s Tags
Contract: Grocery List Contract: Grocery List 60 Vinderi, the Dismantler Demolition (Level 2) Alchemical Supplies
Contract: The Vinderi Bomb Contract: The Vinderi Bomb 78 Vinderi, the Dismantler Demolition (Level 3) Fumarole Tar
Contract: The Nameless Play Contract: The Nameless Play 68 Gianna, the Master of Disguise Deception (Level 2) The Nameless Play
Contract: The Finest Costumes Contract: The Finest Costumes 80 Gianna, the Master of Disguise Deception (Level 3) Templar Uniforms
Contract: The Wedding Dress Contract: The Wedding Dress 42 Tullina, the Catburglar Agility (Level 1) Merveil’s Wedding Dress
Contract: Disengagement Contract: Disengagement 66 Tullina, the Catburglar Perception (Level 2) Tullina’s Engagement Ring
Contract: Rational Tools Contract: Rational Tools 68 Niles, the Interrogator Counter-Thaumaturgy (Level 1) The Thought Extractor
Contract: A Mundane Sample Contract: A Mundane Sample 75 Niles, the Interrogator Counter-Thaumaturgy (Level 3) Viridi’s Finger

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